Whether it’s another Kim and Kanye family feud or T-Swift’s latest love debacle, social media has given the general public a glimpse inside the lives of their favorite celebrities. While professional ATV racers may not be considered “famous” to the outside world, within our own little community, they are as A-list is it gets. Here are 10 professional ATV racers with the largest following on Instagram.

Chad Wienen 39,000+

A photo posted by Chad Wienen (@44wienen) on

Joel Hetrick – 37,500+

A photo posted by Joel Hetrick (@hetrick_88) on

Thomas Brown – 24,500+

A photo posted by Thomas Brown (@tbrown84) on

Walker Fowler – 19,400+

A photo posted by Walker Fowler (@walker_fowler) on

Nick Gennusa – 19,200+

A photo posted by Nick Gennusa?? (@gennusa15) on

Chris Borich – 16,200+

A photo posted by Chris Borich (@chrisborich) on

Adam McGill – 15,400+

A photo posted by Adam McGill (@adamkmcgill) on

Cole Richardson – 14,500+

Jeffriey Rastrelli – 12,700+

David Haagsma – 11,400+

A photo posted by David Haagsma (@dh422) on



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