Best ATV Sand Tires For Dune Riding

If you plan on outfitting your ATV for serious sand duty, you’re going to need a good set of ATV sand tires. As versatile as many all-terrain tires are, they could more accurately be called “most-terrain” tires – perfectly suitable for use on soft- and hard-pack trails, and able to cope with some rocks, gravel, and light mud, but their performance can suffer in loose sand.

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Best UTV Sand Tires For The Dunes

If your UTV spends any serious time in the sand, you’re going to need a set of UTV sand tires to get the most out of it. Sand tires are more specialized than most other types of off-road tires, typically featuring tall, vertical “paddles” on the back tires to help your UTV’s power delivery in the loose stuff, and longitudinal ribs on the front to help transmit steering input. Where mud-terrain and all-terrain UTV tires have treads that suit a range of different terrain types, UTV sand tires are really only suitable for one thing – sand.

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Check Out the New System 3 SS360 UTV Sand Tire

Lightweight sand tires designed to offer premium flotation

With the southern dune season closing in, a new set of sand tires for your UTV may be on the radar. If so, you should take a look at the new System 3 SS360 sand tires. It is currently available in four sizes.

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STI Unveils 32-inch Sand Drifter Tires
STI has unveiled huge new 32-inch Sand Drifter tires designed for turbo-powered Side-by-Sides, available in both 14-inch and 15-inch sizes.
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QuadBoss Introduces QBT346 Sand Tires
New option for dune riders available now QuadBoss, a leading manufacturer of high quality ATV and UTV parts and accessories, is getting set to roll into the…
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STI Unveils New Sand Wedge Tires
STI Tire & Wheel has introduced its new Sand Wedge tires, which are designed to deliver a new high-performance standard for UTVs in the sand dunes.
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STI Releases New Vortex V-Roll Line of Sand Tires

STI Tire & Wheel boasts that it is transforming sand tire technology with the introduction of the all-new Vortex V-Roll line of tires.

“The Vortex V-Roll is a game changer for owners of large displacement UTVs,” STI says in a release. “Designed specifically for big-bore side-by-sides, this tire delivers the high performance needed for heavier, high-horsepower applications.”

This lightweight, 4-ply tire is being introduced in a 27×11-14 front and a 27×14-14 rear. By mounting on a 14-inch wheel, STI says the result is a super-wide, high-flotation footprint that keeps the machine on top of the sand instead sinking in. Also, this tire was designed to achieve a very low-profile sidewall to enhance handling by minimizing tire flex and lateral roll. According to STI, the sizing ensures proper front and rear brake clearance for all popular UTV applications.

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