Desertworks/GBC RZR XP Turbo

No build would be a true SEMA build if it didn’t involve some late night thrashing in the days leading up to the SEMA show, and that certainly was the case for this XP Turbo in the Greenball Tires booth. This immaculate new (and very white) RZR XP Turbo is the new play car for GBC tires and you can expect to see this machine making the rounds next year at some of the UTV industry’s major events. Kory Ellis, former pro ATV racer and current Sales and Marketing rep for Greenball, is a regular attendee at most of the major UTV events in the southwest and even throws a leg over an ATV now and then. Ellis said the new Turbo car will be right at home in the desert; however, we’re not sure how long that pretty white finish is going to stay clean.

  • Roll Cage with roof – Desertworks
  • Doors – Desertworks
  • Fiberglass trunk and rear bumper – Desertworks
  • Roof rack – Desertworks
  • Door storage bags – Desertworks
  • Switch Plates – Desertworks
  • Wheels – Hiper Technologies by Weld
  • Tires – GBC Mongrel 32x10R14 10Ply
  • Sound bar – MTX audio
  • Subwoofer – MTX audio
  • Steering wheel with quick disconnect – Assault UTV
  • Mirrors rear view/side – Assault UTV
  • Trailing arm armor – Assault UTV
  • Radius/tie rods – Assault UTV
  • Grill – Assault UTV
  • Seat belts – Assault UTV
  • Fire extinguisher mount – Assault UTV
  • Wrap – Proline
  • Light bars – Lazer Star LED
  • Under glow – Whiptech
  • Whips and whip mount – Whiptech
  • Light switches – Whiptech
  • Winch: WARN Industries



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