Derek Guetter Out Three Months After Crash

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
derek guetter out three months after crash

ATV freestyler and back flipper extraordinaire Derek Guetter suffered a bad crash during a practice session for the Nuclear Cowboyz tour and will be on the shelf for about three months. As you can see from the photo on the left, it looks like Guetter will be setting off airport metal detectors for the foreseeable future.

Guetter wrote a note to his fans to let them know how he was doing and exactly what happened:

Well guys, last weekend i messed up on another flip, but this one is taking me out for a couple months.

We were in Tacoma WA for week # 12 of Nuclear Cowboyz, Friday’s show went great but when i went out for warm up Saturday afternoon things were about to head south. I knew as soon as i left the ramp it wasn’t making it, and everything happened so fast next thing i knew i was on the ground gasping for air.

I ended up breaking the bottom of my tib, bottom of my fib, and really messed up my talus bone. Doctor says i’m out 3 months, so look for my gamer tag on XBOX live “DGuetter”. =)

Looking forward to getting back on my quad, thanks for all your support guys!

Derek Guetter