F1 Champ to Ride KTM ATV in Victory Parade

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
f1 champ to ride ktm atv in victory parade

F1 World Champion Sebastien Vettel will celebrate his season in Berlin on Saturday, Nov. 27 among thousands of German fans.

And because Vettel wants to see all of his fans who lent him and the Red Bull Team so much support during the season, he will use a KTM ATV as his local mode of transport. Vettel, who has been a KTM rider for years, also has close ties with the KTM Motorsports Department.

It is not the first time this year that Vettel has deployed the KTM ATV to get close up and personal with his fans. During the summer he returned to his home town in Heppenheim (Germany) to give his fans a pre-taste of the action they would see at the German GP and on this occasion Vettel also chose a KTM ATV for his fun mode of local transport.