Rumor: Honda Working on Pioneer 1100

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
Honda Pioneer Beauty

Honda may be on the verge of producing the largest displacement Side-by-Side in the industry.

While we cannot state for certain that anything is imminent, somebody in the know let it slip that a Pioneer 1100 is on the horizon.

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This would be huge news for Honda, which has shied away from large displacement off-road vehicles. Currently, the Honda Pioneer 700 boasts Honda’s largest Side-by-Side engine, the well regarded 675cc fuel injected Single. While this is a fine and capable powerplant, it is a good step back in power from the biggest engines from Polaris, Can-Am and Arctic Cat. If the name is any indication, the Pioneer 1100 would be bigger than anything any of those companies produce. has also learned that Honda is at least considering producing a five-seat version of the Pioneer, with the extra set coming in the front row. Honda applied for a patent in early October for a Side-by-Side vehicle with room for three in the front. With the rear seats in use, this would offer room for five riders. However, even with a full load in the bed and the rear seats folded down, the Pioneer could hold three people, which should come in very handy on the jobsite.

Honda Pioneer Five-Seat Patent 01

While it’s all just speculation at this point, we’d imagine the Pioneer 1100 would come to market in the five-seat setup. It’s also possible all Pioneer models will be made available with the new three-front seat configuration.

Honda Pioneer Five-Seat Patent 02

We haven’t seen anything regarding suspension changes or chassis size to accommodate the extra power of an 1100-class engine or the extra weight of another passenger, but we’d be surprised if the springs weren’t beefed up a bit and perhaps the overall width increased. However, we have no documents to verify that.

It should be noted that none of this could come to market. The five-seat patent may never get to production stage. And while we are confident in our source, the 1100 class engine is still unconfirmed.

You can see Honda’s patent documents below:

Honda Five-Seat UTV Patent 1

Honda Five-Seat UTV Patent 2

Honda Five-Seat UTV Patent 3

Honda Five-Seat UTV Patent 4

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