2012 Arctic Cat ATV and UTV Early Release Models Unveiled

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
New option packages highlight latest offerings

Arctic Cat has begun the unveiling process for its 2012 family of ATVs and side-by-sides by revealing two new models and more than a dozen machines returning to the fleet unchanged from 2011.

The key for Arctic Cat in 2012 seems to be option packages – namely the GT and LTD packages. Any ATV or side-by-side with the GT option package comes with painted bodywork, aluminum wheels and electronic power steering. The LTD package features all of that plus heavy-duty front and rear bumpers and a 3,000-pound winch.

These option packages are all about creating choices for consumers. A good example of this is the new for 2012 Arctic Cat 700i MudPro LTD. Now consumers can choose between the base 700i MudPro (returning from 2011) and the LTD version (the bumpers, winch and power steering should be a huge help for the mud riders out there). This seems like a great way to update your lineup without having to do a major redesign or eliminate an existing machine from the fleet. The 700i MudPro LTD is available in Green or Orange painted bodywork and features massive 28-inch Zilla tires mounted to 14-inch aluminum wheels.

2012 Arctic Cat 700i MudPro LTD

The LTD package gives the 700i MudPro a significant boost in performance and utility.

Arctic Cat’s other new offering for 2012 is the Prowler 700i HDX. While it doesn’t benefit from the GT or LTD option package, the 700i HDX has been given a new round tube surround frame for 2012. It’s available in Dark Green or Tungsten Metallic painted bodywork, as well as Advantage Timber camouflage.

2012 Arctic Cat Prowler 700i HDX

The 700i HDX receives a new round tube surround frame for 2012.

Returning Models

As expected, a host of Arctic Cat ATVs and Prowlers are returning to the lineup for 2012. One-up machines like the 450i, 550i, 700i and 1000i are returning in a variety of guises, along with the two-up TRV 450i, TRV 550i and TRV 700i. The only other 2012 Prowlers are the Prowler 700i XTX and Prowler 1000 XTZ.

More to Come

Unlike many other manufacturers, Arctic Cat doesn’t like to unveil its entire lineup all at once and this year is no exception. A second wave of 2012 models is expected to be released in August. We expect to see more Arctic Cat ATVs and Prowlers outfitted with GT and LTD option packages. Also, we wouldn’t be surprised to see something completely new from the Minnesota-based manufacturer. With the small number of Prowlers revealed so far we are inclined to look in that direction.

2012 Arctic Cat Lineup
450iRed, Advantage TimberTRV 450iBlack
550iBlackTRV 550i GTViper Blue, Sunset Orange
550i GTAdvantage Timber, Steel Blue, Sunset OrangeTRV 550i CruiserTungsten Metallic
550i LTDGreen Metallic, Desert RedTRV 700i GTSunset Orange, Viper Blue
700iRedProwler 550i XTTungsten Metallic, Viper Bluek
700i GTTungsten Metallic, Viper Blue, Advantage TimberProwler 700i XTXOrange Metallic, Steel Blue, Viper Blue
700i LTDGreen MetallicProwler 700i HDXDark Green Metallic, Tungsten Metallic, Advantage Timber
1000i GTOrange MetallicProwler 1000i XTZOrange Metallic
700i MudProGreen Metallic
700i MudPro LTDGreen Metallic, Orange Metallic
ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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