MCX-USA has announced the release of its Stage 2 Polaris RZR Turbo Kits to complement its top selling Stage 1 RZR Turbo Kits. The new kits are designed to take your RZR from a stock rear wheel horsepower (rwhp) of 37-43 to over 125+ rwhp.

The Stage 2 kit includes:    * Low Compression Forged PIstons    * Fuel Pump    * Fuel Regulator    * Billet 40cc Stroker Crankshaft    * MCX-USA Tuning Display    * Lifters    * Pushrods    * Camshaft    * Dynatek    * Extra Injector    * Blow Off Valve    * Miscellaneous Gaskets, Shims, Hoses, etc.

Whether you’re already a customer with their Stage 1 RZR turbo kit, or you’re looking to over triple your hp from stock, the Stage 2 kits can be purchased in conjunction with Stage 1 or as an add-on kit later. The Stage 1 kit retails for $4,495, while the Stage 2 kit retails for $4,995. For more information, visit:

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