With new machines being developed for the adventure market, and as we transition into the autumn season, it’s time to gear up your for your next UTV adventure and go explore the wild places.

Does this mean you have to run out and spend thousands of dollars on new accessories? Not at all. The most important thing to have with you on a UTV adventure is an adventurous spirit. The rest will just make things a little easier if you run into some trouble.



You’ve got to have a winch, especially if you’re by yourself. Winches are a very common accessory and we’ve included them on a number of lists, so if you don’t already have one, it’s well past time to fix that.

Get yourself a good winch here.

Jump Starter

Jump Starter

A short time ago, a friend called begging for me to come find him in the deep woods. His battery had died and he had no way to get his UTV out. It took a while to come to his aid. A small, compact jump starter is a vital piece of gear for those who venture way off the beaten path. Don’t get stranded.

Get your own jump starter here.



I used to tease my father-in-law for always having rope around; that is until I needed some rope. Luckily he had some. Since then, I always have rope handy. I carry 50 feet in the storage compartment in my UTV for situations I have yet to think of. It helps.

Get yourself some good, heavy-duty rope.


Canyon Cooler

Of course you’re going to want to bring some cool drinks and food along for the adventure. For this you need a cooler. The newer roto-molded coolers are more expensive, but worth it when they can withstand the abuse we give them and still keep your stuff cold.

Get one of the best on the market here.

Tire Patch Kit

Tire Patch Kit

If I have to explain why you need a patch kit for your tires, then you probably don’t need to adventure very much.

Seal one up here.

Fire Starter

Zippo Lighter

You should always have the ability to make fire, just in case you need to warm up after a cold creek crossing, or have to spend the night under the cold night sky. I keep a lighter in the glove box, just in case.

Light it up here.



Having a good knife is more important that you might think. When the ride takes you off the beaten path, a knife can make the difference when you are forced to pull over for food, emergencies and more. When the pioneers first trekked across the continent, they carried many things, but always a knife.

Cut into one here.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Always be prepared. It works for the Boy Scouts, and it also works for the UTV adventurer. A first aid kit is another one of those “must-have” items you carry when you’re going where few have gone before.

Wrap one up here.



If it is legal where you’re going, and you’re proficient in its use, a handgun for personal protection is a must-have item. It’s not the things you can think of that warrants carrying one, it’s the situations you can’t think of. Keep it secure and out of sight until you need it, and hope you never do.

Load up here.



Know where you’re going, where you are and how to get back home again with a GPS unit. After all, the most important thing is getting back home at the end of the trip. Today’s GPS units are more accurate, durable and dependable than ever.

Find your way to one here.



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DevonandRanda Bullard says:

about the 10 things you need with you I pack every one of them every time I go and have used all of them but the gun hope I never need to but had a friend that had a mountain lion take him off his atv was glad he had a gun

Get Freight says:

If possible add an extra belt if applicable, sparkplug, extra fuel, oil and coolant. Other liquids if applicable. Basic tools to work on these items. I’ve almost lost a wheel while crawling and have lugs come loose. Needed oil and coolant. Never had a spark plug or belt issue luckily. Oh yeah, zip ties, ratchet straps, duct tape. Not a lot but a couple. They have saved the day. A reload handy for the handgun just because those times you need it, the animal may not go down as easily as you think and you’ll not be on your A game if you need it i.e. you will miss a lot more than you think and it will need multiple hits regardless of caliber. Water, not just drinks. And safety equip. Never go without goggles, gloves, helmet. Have had dirt kick in my face the one time I went without goggles and had to drive back half blind after tearing out a contact. Some of this on the vehicle and some in a pack on you and in pockets. It is not as much as it sounds like. You’ll be glad if you ever need it.

Get Freight says:

Also, small shovel or entrenching tool and small bow saw if possible. Or if you have room, a chain saw would be better. And most important. A partner on another machine to split all the gear with. Hopefully you have similar machines and need similar parts/tools. And add short range comms like handheld radios or CB to keep if contact with eachother within 1 mile ( hopefully you stay that close together).

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