Five Ways to Fill Your UTV Cup Holders

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler

While a simple water bottle or soda can will fit just fine in your UTV cup holders, there are some alternatives that will keep you drinks hotter, colder and safer.

I know what you’re thinking. This might seem like a silly article, but there’s some serious thought behind it. They put cup holders in the machines for a reason, after all. While a bottle of pop (that’s soda for you non-Michigan folks) fits in well, let’s talk about some other ways to carry along something refreshing to drink.



The elephant in the room is actually a Sasquatch. Yeti is the biggest name in the cooler world at the moment. While many may think it’s foolish to buy a $40 cup, there are some benefits to doing so. These cups do work well to keep your cold stuff cold and your hot stuff hot. I recall a while ago hearing about a truck that caught fire with a yeti cup full of iced tea in the cup holder. When the fire was put out, the cup still had ice in it. All I can say is that I have a 30oz Yeti Tumbler with the MagSlider lid and I love it. The lid snaps shut to keep dust out and my coffee in while I ride.

RM/ATV Moto Tumbler

Rocky Mountain

Just because it isn’t a Yeti, that doesn’t mean that this insulated tumbler from Rocky Mountain ATV isn’t any good. I ordered a couple of these for my family for Christmas and they look to be pretty sweet, especially for the price. Plus they come from a company that is all about ATVs and UTVs, so it’s showing off some pride while they sit in your UTV cup holders.

Orca Bottle Holder


Sometimes you want to take a can or a bottle of something with you. The problem is, how to keep it cold and free from debris? The folks at Orca Coolers have a suggestion. They have the Rocket Bottle, Cup and Can Holder that will keep your stuff cold for 12 hours and free of dirt and nastiness. The Rocket will hold a 12oz. bottle, but we wouldn’t recommend “those” types of bottles for trail riding. It’ll hold a standard can, too.

Contigo Autoseal


I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on this. Basically the Contigo Autoseal is an insulated bottle with a lid that remains sealed until you press a button. Have you ever dropped your travel coffee mug? If you have, you’ve experienced the terror as you watch that delicious blend of water and coffee bean spill out onto the ground and not between your lips. The Contigo Autoseal cups can help prevent this senseless tragedy while parked in one of your UTV cup holders.

Thermo Tank

Thermo Tank

The Thermo Tank is one of those cool products, and I do mean cool, that makes you want to spend the money. It is, like many other stainless vacuum bottles on the market, dual layered for insulation, but they add a copper layer between the steel ones to add additional insulating properties. The result is a claim of 36 hours of keeping your 25oz. of beverage cold. That might come in handy on a long adventure ride.

Derrek Sigler
Derrek Sigler

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