Cheap Ways To Make Your ATV Faster

It doesn’t take a wallet full of cash to put some more pep into your ATV. If you want some cheap ways to make your ATV faster, these mods will get the job done.

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We Found Some Great Deals on ATV and UTV Exhausts
We found some discounts on ATV and UTV exhaust systems that will add a sexy look while improving the performance and sound of your four-wheeler.
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Pro Circuit Exhaust Systems Buyer's Guide
Pro Circuit exhaust systems are an industry leader in performance for ATVs and UTVs. Use this buyers guide to find the right system for your machine.
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Best ATV Exhaust Systems

Find the right exhaust for your ATV

Whenever you get to talking about the best of something, there are always opinions to the contrary. Just ask someone on social media which brand of ATV is best and you’ll get 100 different answers. Exhaust systems add performance to your ATV and a customized touch. If you want to know which exhaust system is best for your machine, there are lots of options. Here are our picks of the best ATV exhaust systems on the market and the machines that helped elevate them to that status.

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FMF Exhaust Buyer's Guide

The Flying Machine Factory is ready to give your ATV a boost

When ATVs exploded onto the scene in the 1980s, FMF was already well known as one of the top performance companies in the motocross world. The brand jumped into the ATV world with full throttle and quickly became one of the biggest names in performance exhaust and other performance enhancements. Today, the Flying Machine Factory – FMF – still makes some of the best performing, highest quality exhaust systems for your ATV. Which one is best for you? Read our FMF exhaust buyer’s guide and see which system will work best for you.

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A Big Gun exhaust can take your ATV or UTV to the next level

Big Gun is one of the biggest names in performance exhausts for ATVs and UTVs. In this article, we’ll help show you which models are best for your needs and riding style?

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Poll: Which of These 2-Stroke ATVs Sounds Better?
We're big fans of any two stroke ATV but Honda's TRX 250R and Yamaha's twin cylinder Banshee are two of the most iconic for sure.
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Apparently 1.1 Million People Like the Sound of Raw Horsepower + Video
This video of a Sparks Racing equipped Yamaha YFZ450 making a dyno run has racked up more than 1.1 million views on Instagram.
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Poll: What is The Most Iconic Sounding ATV or UTV?
We've complied a list of some of the most iconic sounding vehicle platforms and we're curious which one you think is the most recognizable?
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Poll: Who Makes the Best Aftermarket Exhaust For The Yamaha Banshee?
Which aftermarket exhaust manufacturer do you think made the beset exhaust for Yamaha's legendary twin cylinder two stroke?
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5 Awesome Photos of ATV and UTV Exhaust Pipes
It doesn't take a bunch of chrome and paint to make an ATV or UTV exhaust system turn some heads. In fact, we rather like the raw, unfinished look.
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How It's Made: An Inside Look at FMF Exhaust + Video
From raw materials to bolt on horsepower, take a peak inside the "Flying Machine Factory" also known as FMF exhaust in this How It's Made video.
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Top 10 Tips for Selling Your ATV
While you’ve hopefully accrued many happy memories with your ATV or Side-by-Side over the years, you’ll likely have to sell it at some point t…
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New ATV Exhaust System From Lone Star Racing

Lone Star Racing, one of the ATV industry’s biggest aftermarket manufacturers, is getting into the exhaust business.

“In an effort to continue to grow our product line, we are pleased to announce the new Lone Star Racing Exhaust Systems,” Lone Star Racing says in a release. “We teamed up with top engine builders Moto-Xperts and designed a full exhaust system that not only provides top performance through extensive dyno testing, but also great sounding exhaust and stylish accents to keep your quad looking great at the same time.”

Consumers can pre-order exhaust systems for the Honda TRX450 and Yamaha YFZ450R now. Lone Star Racing says the exhaust systems will be ready to ship in early December.

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