If you’ve never been to a Mud Nationals event, it’s really something you have to witness first hand in order to get the full experience. For those who couldn’t make it to this years Quadna Mud Nationals in Minnesota, here are a five pictures to give you an idea of what you missed.

Swamped machine in the mud races #outlander #mudnats2016 #mudnats

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Just a few people showed up to watch the Polaris RZR Mud Bog.

@highlifter #2016QuadnaMudNationals @mudnationalevents #Mudnats2016 @polarisrzr #utv #utvlife #sxs #sidexsides #sidebyside

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If there were a contest for getting stuck, this guy won.

This is what the Mud National events are all about

No clue what is going on here but we give this folks props for having a strong pirate game.

2016 Quadna Mud Nationals #mudnats2016 ,#2016mudnationals ,#2016quadnamudnationals ,#highliftermudnationals ,#highlifter

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