Al McBeth Soars to New 232 Foot World Distance Record + Video

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher
al mcbeth soars to new 232 foot world distance record video
So when is he going to jump a football field?

If ever there were a man on a mission, it’s Al McBeth. After launching to notoriety (pun intended) a couple of years ago with his massive 198-foot UTV launch, McBeth earned himself a notch at the top of the UTV distance jumping list. Following a terrible crash in October of last year while attempting to jump 232 feet, McBeth rebounded with a successful 223-foot jump in December. Just recently he reworked his formula and went for the 232-foot distance again, this time, making the jump look easy. McBeth’s caption on his Instagram said “When World Records go right and you land the 232ft jump with ease!” We couldn’t agree more!