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Odes vehicles come loaded with features and accessories

If you haven’t heard of the Odes UTV lineup, it’s time to change that. Odes Industries boasts off-road vehicles that are designed and supported in the United States, though production happens overseas.

While another UTV brand is hardly earth-shattering news, Odes sets itself apart by offering machines absolutely loaded with premium features at base level prices. Many overseas brands have followed a similar path, most notably CFMOTO. But Odes takes things to an extreme and the brand brags that its UTVs offer best in class value.

You’ll find a winch on every single Odes UTV in the lineup, along with metal doors, front bumpers, and so much more. Many Odes models also come with LED lightbars, touchscreen GPS, tow hooks, and power steering.

Further value comes with the Odes powertrain warranty of four or five years, depending on model. That is a big step in the right direction when you consider the standard six month/one year warranties offers by most ATV/UTV manufacturers.

We’ve put together some information on each Odes UTV model currently available below with links where you can find more information.

Odes Comrade

Odes Comrade

The most affordable Odes UTV is far removed from any no-frills UTVs we’ve seen that are designed to meet lower price points. The Odes Comrade is powered by a single-cylinder 650cc engine that produces a claimed 39 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque. Other features include hydraulic dump bed, adjustable driver and passenger seats, dual A-arm front and rear suspension, 11 inches of ground clearance and 1200-pound towing capacity. The Odes Comrade also comes stock with a 3500-pound winch, tow hitch, full windshield, metal frame doors, power steering, audio system, side mirrors, and a 48-month warranty. MSRP on this Odes UTV is $9995, but it is being shown on the Odes website for $8395.

Odes Ravager

Odes Ravager

The Odes Ravager is the brand’s Sport UTV and it comes outfitted with a 1000cc V-Twin engine that produces a claimed 85 horsepower and 76 lb-ft of torque. The Ravager measures 106 inches long, 68 inches wide and its Vi-LOCK front and rear suspension controls 14 inches of travel. It also comes from the factory with a host of extras, including a 32-inch LED light bar, 7-inch touchscreen GPS, 3500-pound winch, tow hitch, roof, half windshield, power steering, and a five-year powertrain warranty. MSRP on the Ravager is $18,495, though it is currently listed for $15,995 on the website. Learn more here.

Odes X-F

Odes X-F

The Odes X-F line is where you’ll find the brand’s flagship Utility UTVs. Al XF models come with a full cabin enclosure to protect you front the elements. This Odes UTV is powered by a 1000cc V-Twin that produces a claimed 85 horsepower and 76 lb-ft of torque and features seating for three, double wishbone front and rear suspension, aluminum dumping bed with fold-down sides that create a flat bed, 13 inches of ground clearance, and 14-inch aluminum wheels.

The base Odes X-F3 comes equipped with a heater, 32-inch LED light bar, 4500-pound winch, and power steering. This vehicle carries an MSRP of $22,995, but is available for $15,995 on the website. Learn more here.

Upgrade to the Odes X-F3 HVAC and get everything in the base model, along with air conditioning, It carries an MSRP of $23,795, but is currently available for $22,795. Learn more here.

Finally, the Odes X-F6 has an extra row of seating and has room for six people. It comes with heating and air conditioning, heated front seats, and all the features of the other three-seat X-F models. This Odes UTV is on sale now for $24,995.

Odes Dominator

Odes Dominator X2

The Odes Dominator is the brand’s Sport-Utility UTV family. Models with 800cc V-Twin and 1000cc V-Twin engines are available, as are a number of hunting-specific models dressed in camo and featuring gun holders, door bags and rear storage bags. All Dominator models feature independent double A-arm front and rear suspension, digital screen display, electronic dumping bed, fender flares, LED headlights, and locking tool boxes.

The base model in this Odes UTV family is the Dominator X2 800cc ST V.2. Available for $11,995, this machine boasts extras like a 3500-pound winch, heavy duty roof, front bumper, metal frame doors, and side mirrors. Learn more here.

The Odes Dominator X2 800cc LT V.2 adds a 32-inch LED light bar, front and rear 3500-pound winches, power steering, tow hitch, and rear bumper. It is available for $15,495. Learn more here.

The Odes Dominator X2 800cc LT Zeus V.2 takes things a step further with heated seats, 7-inch GPS touchscreen, and rearview mirror. It is available for $16,595. Learn more here.

Intrestingly, the Odes Dominator X2 1000cc LT Zeus V.2 shares all the same features of the model above, but boasts a 1000cc engine and is actually less expensive at $15,995 due to a $2300 discount. Learn more here.

Odes Dominator X4

Five-seat versions of the Dominator are also available with the same packages as the two-seat versions. The Dominator X4 800cc ST V.2 retails for $12,995, the X4 800cc LT V.2 goes for $16,995, the X4 800cc LT Zeus V.2 sells for $18,095, and the X4 1000cc LT Zeus V.2 can be had for $17,895. Learn more here.

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