Benda Redstone ATVs Show Tech and Power From New Company

Ross Ballot
by Ross Ballot

There's a new all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) manufacturer in town, and it comes from a corner of the world that many might not expect. Chinese startup Benda has very quietly announced their lineup of the Redstone 500, 500 R2, and 1000 R2, and frankly the trio looks promising.

It's not every day that a new company announces a four-wheeler, and Chinese manufacturer Benda did so extremely quietly (so much so that finding any information is just shy of hunting for a needle in a haystack). The company was founded in 2016 and it appears that these new models have only just debuted, gracing the brand's website with stylish, almost sci-fi futuristic styling and an assortment of engines and tech that, should they actually reach production, make for an interesting entry into the four-wheeler segment.

First up is the Redstone 500. The mid-bore machine touts a 500cc, 48-horsepower V-Twin engine. At about 857 pounds the machine isn’t light, but it’s on par with class numbers. Stepping up to the 500 R2 brings with it a second seat for two-up riding. The machine also gains beadlock style wheels, four inches of extra overall height, and about 25 pounds of extra weight. Last up is the 1000 R2, which takes the 500 R2’s two-up formula further by swapping the 500cc engine for a 1000cc, 98-horsepower V-Twin. It’s quite a bit heavier at about 970 pounds, but that’s no surprise considering the engine is double the size of the 500-class machine’s. The 1000 R2 also ditches the 500 and 500 R2’s vertical matrix LED lights for a single running-light style bar that spans the width of the front end.

All three models seem to share the same “high strength chromium-molybdenum steel and forged aluminum” chassis and Tri-Mode (comfort/standard/sport) electronic power steering (EPS). A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is standard with traditional L / H / N / R / P gears, and the models all have Selectable 2WD / 4WD with diff-lock. Benda’s website states that the machines can be used with a smartphone to turn them on/off, locate in real time, and set the parking brake. 

As Benda’s site says, “A man with strong heart will never let you down,” or whatever that means. Whether we actually see one of these in person is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned to Benda’s website for more info, if any does actually become available.

Ross Ballot
Ross Ballot

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