Jump Into More Horsepower for Your Maverick With a Heel Clicker Clutch

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Leave it to the snowmobile crowd to know a thing or two about finding more horsepower by way of the CVT clutch system.

Heel Clicker Clutch Systems, Inc. is well known amongst the sled community for making high performance clutch systems that unlock great amounts of power, and that same technology and development is making Can-Am Maverick X3s more powerful, too. Whether you have a stock X3, or have modified your machine, the Heel Clicker Clutch System is ready to help you find more get up and go.

What Does the Heel Clicker Clutch Do?

Heel Clicker feels its patented Can-Am Maverick X3 Clutch Kit is the finest such kit on the trail. It utilizes the company’s Dual-Quadrant Flyweight technology by adding weight at the right points to the flyweight, increasing mass and boosting performance. Heel Clicker touts it as the most aggressive clutch kit you can buy that still retains the smooth feel and lower engagement feel that makes the X3 such a fun machine to drive.

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Heel Clicker’s testing during development shows a 15-25% increase in horsepower at the wheels that really kicks in once you get past 25 mph, with felt boost everywhere along the powerband from a dead stop all the way through acceleration. It is, dollar-for-dollar, the most improvement in power you’ll find for the amount of money spent.

This graph shows the torque and horsepower improvement the Heel Clicker Clutch System provides on the Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo.

With Great Power…

Getting big gains in power is nothing if the machine isn’t drivable, which is why Heel Clicker made sure the boost doesn’t come at too great a cost in drivability. The smooth power delivery is retained thanks to carefully engineered parts that add power without it coming in too abruptly. There are no notched weights or steep progressive helixes needed, either. In fact, most applications require no helix adjustment over the stock set-up. What the Heel Clicker Clutch System does is help transfer more of the power the engine is already making to the ground, cutting much of the CVT lag that is a normal byproduct of the CVT design. 

How it works is pretty cool. The added mass of the flyweight raises the efficiency of the clutch throughout all ranges, putting more of the power generated by the Rotax motor to the drive system. This greatly boosts the engine’s ability for rapid acceleration and gives you dramatic increases in corner-to-corner performance when you get on the gas.

According to Randy Nouis, the founder of Heel Clicker Clutch Systems, Inc, and the company’s lead engineer, the system alters the centrifugal force of the clutch by adjusting the clutch weight. The weight affects the axial force, or squeezing force, and the up-shift force on the belt. Centrifugal force splits between up-shift and axial forces at the same time. When people talk about CVT lag, this is where that lag occurs. According to Nouis, your machine’s factory clutch design loses 25-45% of the power the engine produces to lag. The Heel Clicker Clutch System directly affects that lag, allowing for more of the power being applied to the actual drive of the machine.

Reliability Issues?

Stock clutches are designed as they are to be safe and reliable, but does adding a Heel Clicker Clutch System to your Can-Am X3 have an adverse effect on the reliability of the machine? Not at all. Heel Clicker’s clutching eliminates a lot of belt slip, which helps the belt run much cooler. Heat is what destroys the belt, so the Heel Clicker system will actually help extend your belt’s life. What’s not to like?

Heel Clicker Clutch Systems, Inc. focused on the Can-Am Maverick X3, and looked at two different options for owners. The company has two X3 CVT clutch designs - the QRS-X 6 Arm Clutch and the P-Drive Clutch. Both kits are fully adjustable so they can be used in both stock and heavily modified machines with simple adjustments in weights. For owners of other Can-Am machines, Heel Clicker already offers clutch kits for the Can-Am Maverick Sport and G2 Commander and is working on expanding to other models.

Head over to https://goheelclicker.com/home for more information. And while you’re there, drop in our coupon code of “Can-Am” for a 5% discount on your purchase

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