Where the Pavement Ends: Healing With Off-Road

by ATV.com

Here's another installment in Can-Am's short film series, with a story of how a soldier returning from the battlefield found a way to work through his struggles by challenging himself with off-road adventure and surrounding himself with the scene and the family that comes with it all. See the video below and a brief press release beneath:

Press release

Terry Madden x Can-Am 'Where the Pavement Ends' S2 Ep. 2

The latest episode of 'Where the Pavement Ends' features a US Veteran and American Hero, Terry Madden. It tells the story of how he found off-road as a positive outlet that guided him in the right direction following retirement from active duty and battling PTSD.

Once Terry transitioned into civilian life he found his life lacked purpose and he did not have the camaraderie that he was used to for the previous decade.

We will tell the story of how Terry used his time behind the wheel in the deserts of Johnson Valley, CA to find himself and start a new life moving forward. 

Terry has now become the unofficial spokesperson for The King of The Hammers, an advocate for rider safety and even launched a new business venture HîRoad supporting the offroad community of Southern California.


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