Coast to Coast on a Honda Big Red

Justin Hughes
by Justin Hughes

Traveling from one coast to the other is pretty easy in a car or on a motorcycle. Routes like the Trans America Trail make it fairly easy to stick to dirt as much as possible. But Canadian military veteran Matthew Webb is taking the path less traveled, both literally and figuratively.

Photo: Matthew Webb/Facebook

Webb started in at 100 Mile House, British Columbia, with plans to go all the way to Sunset Inlet Campground, Nova Scotia, by way of Newfoundland. According to his website, that trip will be about 13,500 kilometers (about 8,400 miles) when all is said and done. These won’t be easy kilometers, either, as Webb is taking a circuitous route across trails. He’s also doing this through a Canadian winter, rather than waiting for more hospitable summer conditions.

His partner for this journey is Brittany, a 1984 Honda Big Red 200 ES three-wheeler. Webb has modified it to carry a spare wheel on the front fender, and he’s towing a trailer with all of his gear, tools, and spare parts. If he runs into problems out on the trail, he intends to get himself out without needing to call for help.

Making this trip to set a new Guinness World Record is more than enough reason in itself, but Webb has even higher goals. His journey is also a memorial to his friend Anthony Morgan, who died in a motorcycle accident last year. Webb’s departure point in 100 Mile House, BC, is where Morgan lived. He is fundraising for the Bikers Down Society. They provide assistance to riders who have been hurt in motorcycle crashes, as well as education to try to prevent these crashes from happening in the first place. Webb hopes to raise $25,000 through a GoFundMe, 25% of which will go toward the journey itself, with the remainder being donated to Bikers Down in Morgan’s name.

Webb has already traveled 2,805 kilometers (about 1,750 miles) to Betula Lake Resort in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba, not far from the Ontario border. He still has a long way to go, but what he’s done so far is already an impressive feat in itself. We wish him the best of luck for the rest of his journey.

Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes

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