Polaris Off-Road Vehicles, Bobcat & Gravely Utility Vehicles Recalled

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Polaris Industries Inc., in collaboration with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has issued a recall for certain Polaris Off-Road Vehicles, Bobcat and Gravely Utility Vehicles, Fuel Pump Kits, and Fuel Tank Assemblies. The recall, announced on August 10, 2023, affects about 12,300 units in the U.S. and approximately 517 in Canada. Some of these products were previously recalled for different hazards in March 2021 and July 2021.

The recall centers around a hazard where a fuel leak can occur at the fuel pump outlet connector on the fuel tank near a hot surface, posing a risk of fire. At the time of the recall announcement, Polaris has received three reports of fuel leaks, but no fires or injuries have been reported.

Affected vehicles and products include specific VINs for Model Years 2021-2023 of various Polaris, Bobcat, and Gravely off-road vehicles, as well as Fuel Pump Kits and Fuel Tank Assemblies with certain part numbers. These products were sold in various colors and seat configurations, with brand names or logos stamped on the front grille. The fuel pump kits and fuel tank assemblies are primarily made of plastic, with the fuel pump located inside the fuel tank.

Consumers who own any of the recalled items are instructed to cease using them immediately and contact Polaris, Gravely, or Bobcat, depending on the product, to schedule a free inspection and repair. The repair involves replacing the fuel pump or fuel tank, as applicable, at no charge. The manufacturers are notifying all registered owners and dealers about the recall and the free repair process.

The recalled vehicles and products were sold at Polaris, Gravely, and Bobcat dealers nationwide from March 2021 through December 2022, with prices ranging from $13,300 to $37,700. Fuel Pump Kits and Fuel Tank Assemblies were also available online and through authorized dealers for about $370 to $1,060.

The CPSC continues its mission to protect the public from unreasonable risks associated with consumer products, as part of a 50-year trend of reducing injuries. It reminds consumers that federal law prohibits the sale of products subject to a Commission-ordered recall or a voluntary recall in consultation with the CPSC.

For more information, consumers can reach out to Polaris at 800-765-2747, Bobcat at 800-743-4340, or Gravely at 877-904-4069 during business hours, or visit their respective websites to check if their VIN is included in the recall. Specific URLs are provided for checking the recall status and more details on Polaris, Bobcat, and Gravely vehicles, and for those who received a fuel pump kit or fuel tank assembly as a service part.

Manufacturers and distributors involved in this recall include Polaris Industries Inc. of Medina, Minnesota, Bobcat Company of West Fargo, North Dakota (for Bobcat vehicles), and AriensCo of Brillion, Wisconsin (for Gravely vehicles). The recalled items were manufactured in the United States and Mexico, and the recall number is 23-258.

ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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