Finally we have proof positive that Bigfoot does exist!

Let’s paint a little picture for you. A young man decides to take his ATV for a ride up a river while a friend records the experience for posterity. Of course this is no ordinary man. Like Superman himself, this rider is indestructible. No need for a helmet and proper riding gear. Shorts, T-shirt, sneakers and a backwards baseball cap is all the protection he needs. We should all be so lucky.

Meanwhile, as the river ride is taking place the normally aloof Bigfoot decides to take a leisurely stroll across the water, seemingly unaware and unthreatened by the oncoming ATV. It all makes perfect sense.

As luck would have it, Bigfoot is so far in the distance that he’s a little tough to make him out in the video. Still, we’re pretty sure this is the proof we’ve all been waiting for. After all, the ATV rider does point at him and seems genuinely surprised.

All those people who have been mocking me for my undying belief in Bigfoot are surely eating their words now. My next high school reunion is going to be so awesome!

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