It’s been out for about a month now, but we just stumbled upon a very cool video from American Honda about its ATV racing heritage.

Chuck Miller, Senior Manager of Product Planning at American Honda, is a multi-time Baja champion and does an amazing job of breaking down Honda’s ATV racing history. No doubt he’s got many stories we’d all be interested to hear, but one in particular stood out in this video – the 1984 Baja 1000.

“Our ATV actually got fourth overall that year, out of all the motorcycles, all the vehicles,” says Miller. “I’ll never forget Gaston Rahier, who was the motocross world champion and also Paris to Dakar champion, was riding for a factory BMW team and ended up fifth overall. And he couldn’t believe that they got beat by an ATV. He came in with his accent telling me ‘oh my gosh, I cannot believe I got passed and got beat by an ATV here in Baja!’”

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The video is less than five minutes long and could have been an hour and we would have riveted. It’s well worth a watch if you have any affinity for ATVs or ATV racing.



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