Transport Canada has issued a recall notice for the 2014 Honda Pioneer due to a potential fire hazard.

According to the recall notice, mud and vegetation debris could collect on the center skid plate and eventually contact the exhaust system. This could potentially result in the dried vegetation igniting and causing a fire.

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The recall affects 1,444 units in Canada, where dealers will install a revised center skid plate.

No details were given in the recall notice about incidents of fires. Thus far, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has not followed suit with a recall in cooperation with American Honda

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Steve L says:

this safety recall is a must.  I had my pioneer burn up after it was parked.  We were very likely that we put the fire out before it hit the gas tank.   Also very lucky that we did not park the unit inside the barn.  When I called honda to report the fire and ask if they had any issues they said no.   Very strange that a recall is made 2 months later

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