American Honda and the Consumer Product Safety Commission followed Transport Canada’s lead and issued a recall notice for the Honda Pioneer due to a fire hazard.

According to the recall notice, vegetation and debris can accumulate on the middle skid plate and make contact with the vehicle’s exhaust system. Dried debris can ignite, resulting in smoke or fire.

Owners are being asked to immediately stop using the recalled vehicle and take it to an authorized Honda dealer to have the original middle skid plate removed and an updated middle skid plate installed free of charge.

2014 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Review

The recall affects all models of the 2014 Pioneer 700 – about 15,400 units in total. The recalled vehicles came in two-seat and four-seat models and were black with camouflage, olive or red hood and trim pieces.

Honda has received reports of 10 incidents involving fires resulting from vegetation and debris accumulating on the middle skid plate and making contact with the vehicle’s exhaust system. No injuries were reported.



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Jon Galt says:

Honda using the VFR 1200 platform for their newest Big Bore ATV! Any truth to this?
Word on the street is that Honda will be using a slightly reduced platform similar to the VFR 1200 (displacement around 900cc) for the newest big bore ATV replacing the Rincon. Coupled with DCT 6 speed transmission and  EPS. In addition several other highly sought after accoutrements.. The platform and smaller v4 configuration allows Honda to maintain size and weight within preference while taking the lead (and significant lead) in the Big bore ATV category. 

mjc1948Maureen Curtiss says:

Is this recall for the 2015 pioneer 700 also?

Lucas Cooney says:

No. This recall affects 2014 models only.

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