Guthrie Racing Joins Forces With PRP Seats

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
guthrie racing joins forces with prp seats, Mitch Guthrie King of the Hammers
Mitch Guthrie King of the Hammers

PRP Seats has announced the addition of five-time King of the Hammers (KOH) UTV champion Mitch Guthrie Sr. to its race team.

“We’re really happy to have Mitch driving in PRP’s now.” said PRP Seats’ Marketing Director, Jason DeArmond. “We’ve designed our seats to be for all day riding and King of the Hammers is a perfect venue. Mitch has been unbeatable the last five years and we’re confident the comfort and safety of our seats and harnesses will keep him there.”

“Most comfortable seats I have ever had,” says Guthrie. “[Mitch Guthrie, Jr.] liked them too.”

Guthrie Racing’s KOH car will be outfitted with PRP suspension seats, 3” SFI Certified harnesses, additional storage, and PRP mesh window nets.