Bobcat Introduces Landplane Attachment

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Attachment fits 2015 3650 Bobcat UTVs

(Press Release) Bobcat Company has expanded its utility vehicle attachment versatility with the new 62-inch landplane attachment, available on 2015 Model Year (MY) 3650 utility vehicles. The bi-directional, site preparation and landscaping attachment allows operators to work in both forward or reverse to easily break up hard ground or level high points.

The new landplane helps UTV operators pulverize soil clods, sift soil to remove large rocks, peel sod and aerate soil for seeding. Options include a bolt-on screen to help break up soil clods, aerate and remove debris. In addition, an optional fold-down scarifier can be lowered to break up hard soil or vegetation, and may be retracted when not in use.

Operators can easily attach and detach the attachment from a 3650 utility vehicle with the Multi-Attachment X-Change (M.A.X.) system. It allows them to focus more on their job rather than valuable time spent changing attachments.

Quick Look: UTV landplane

  • Operating weight: 191 lb.
  • Width: 62 in.
  • Length: 40 in.
  • Working depth with scarifier: 2.5 in.
  • Bi-directional cutting edge
  • Approved for use with Model Year 15 3650 utility vehicles
Press Release
Press Release

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