New Volt Meter and Tach/Hour Meter From Trail Tech

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Vehicle information at your fingertips

Trail Tech’s TTO’s offer a simple and effective way to gain information on your vehicle. Easy to install, durable, convenient, and informative.

Volt Meter

This backlit TTO digital voltage gauge allows easily monitoring of vehicle voltage, ensuring the battery is not being drained or over-charged.

In the case of a charging issue, TTO will flash an alert to the rider informing of potential issues. A must for any vehicle with added electrical accessories.

Tach / Hour Meter

This front button TTO is a digital tachometer and hour meter that works on all gasoline engines. The number of hours an engine has been running is critical to its maintenance schedule. Attach one to your motorcycle, ATV or lawn-mower and stay on top of your vehicles service requirements. Use the tach function for fine tuning.

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