No matter how good of a deal you think you’re getting, buying an ATV is a major purchase. While a plush suspension and powerful engine are important buying decisions, perhaps the greatest concern for an ATV buyer is reliability. So, which ATV manufacturer is the most reliable?

We figured nobody was more qualified to answer this question than you, the reader and ATV enthusiast.



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  • Jeff

    I love my Grizzlies!

    • jackg79

      The DAY Yamaha puts out a twin cylinder grizzly 700 – 1000 I will have one in my garage. Till then I’m sticking with Polaris for my big bore.

      • Fifty 1

        Well stick to your number 4 then

      • Nick Snow

        I don’t think you have to wait much longer!

  • Brian Ost

    I’ve had really good luck with Kymcos. Going to buy another.

    • karam242

      which kymco were you looking at. they do make atv for kawasaki brute force 300 , 50cc and 90 cc.

  • jackg79

    How is Can-Am and Polaris rated ABOVE suzuki? this is about RELIABILITY, not speed and power. Suzuki King Quads, Suzuki Quadrunner, Quad Master, all HUGELY reliable machines. This was flawed by popularity contest. LoL

    • Michael Tong

      I agree. I have a 2005 king quad 700. It’s an awesome machine. Will hit 65+mph and pulls trees around camping pushes snow fun on the trail and very reliable. Haven’t changed anything on the king quad sine 05 but 50cc more and power steering.

    • Blaire

      When I clicked this article I definitely wasn’t expecting a POLL amongst fan boys and girls about the most reliable. Terrible clickbait article and even worse voting. No way Can Am or Polaris beats out any of the Japanese manufacturers. I’ve had a Kawasaki Teryx, Brute Force, Kingquad 400, Grizzly 700 and not a single one has had any reliability issues, especially those that plague Can am and Polaris. needs to do right and actually write this correctly with data, not popularity votes. SMDH

  • james

    Really stupid comparison. You’d have to have actual service logs and failures listed. Reliability isn’t the least bit subjective yet by turning this into a popularity contest you have done just that. You should apologize and feel ashamed for producing this ridiculous article.

    • Fifty 1

      Did you vote for the brand you like?

  • I might be a little biased but my vote goes to the Polaris

  • Nathan Cluts

    My Yamaha 09 Grizzly with over 5000 miles has been bullet proof even with bigger tires along with numerous other mods. Much more than I could say for my 06 Polaris 600. Hated that cold blooded machine so much I would be hard pressed to ever buy a Polaris product again!!! I wrench for a living and have no desire to do it on the weekends as well. Rather be riding than wrenching even if its a bit slower pace than the others!!!

  • Jeffrey Michaud

    My Yamaha 2001 350 Wolverine 4×4 is the bomb, can’t kill it. Over 5000 miles and most of that is plowing Maine snow. 2004 Polaris 400 sportsman not so much luck, one thing after another

  • Craig Nordgren

    What a joke. No way Polaris is 3rd. I would put them last. We have them at work (Rangers) and numerous friends have them. They break down on a regular basis. Smooth riding but that is it.
    My AC is 13 yrs old and just now needs brakes as the first item that wore out. The Kawasakis and Suzukis should be right behind the Honda and Yamaha.

  • Mark Cormier

    Polaris sucks I have a 2015 etx and since last September it has been to the shop 6 times lost it for a total of 2 1/2 months coasted me 2000$ out of pocket not including what the company lost as well since I had to use something else that is slower service from my local and Polaris head office was horrible the only good place to deal with was more than two hrs away and had to leave the bike since they got a two week waiting period to get ur bike in but it was fixed right the first time so with all that being said never buying a Polaris ever again going to can am where I will have service and won’t have to bring the bike in cause they will come get it and bring it back

  • Jake Folden

    I have to put two votes in for honda and suzuki, had an 04 honda foreman 450 es was one of the most reliable machines i ever owned. Had 7,679 miles one it before i had to get rid ran great until i bored it over and had a friend of mine start it with no oil in it crank bearing went out in it 8 months later was too much to fix. Now i have a 2014 suzukj king quad 750 axi i love it. Has plenty of power can pull a good bit and is extremely reliable only thing ive changed on it is the oils, front brakes once and the air filter.

  • BrokenServers

    Why can’t there be a chart of problems per 100 vehicles per manufacturer? They have this chart for car manufactures.

  • mike d

    Polaris more reliable than Suzuki or Kawi? WHAT?? CRAZY TALK!

  • longnkrnch

    My 1988 yamaha YFM225 is 29 yrs old and rides and operates as good today as it did when new. Batteries, tires and routine PM, is all its ever had. Beat that.

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