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Mud-specific tires offer super deep lugs and 8-ply rating

If you are in the market for some new mud tires, the new STI R4 looks very interesting. It has deep 1.75-inch lugs and is available in a variety of sizes from 28 inches up to 35 inches.

Here is what STI has to say about the new STI R4:

“A bigger, bolder and more extreme mud tire, the all-new STI R4 is specifically designed and engineered for high performance UTV and ATV applications. The R4 features super-deep lugs angled to optimize traction performance both forward and in reverse.

“This new tire is constructed for durability too, with a rubber compound built for abuse. The R4’s deep rim guard protects your wheels as well. Other tires may look the same, but only the R4 enters the mud with lugs this deep and a carcass this strong – and at a comparatively low weight. Suggested retail prices range from $198 to $256.”

STI R4 Features

  • Deep lugs, 1.75 up to 2 inches
  • 9 inches wide, and tubeless
  • 8-ply rated radial
  • Super deep rim guard
  • 28-inch sizes for ATVs up to 35 inches for UTVs

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