2015 ATV and UTV Shocks Buyer's Guide

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
Find a new level of comfort and performance

Whether you are simply looking to replace a set of worn out original shocks or want to improve the performance of your ATV or UTV, a set of new shocks is a sure-fire way to feel a difference in your machine.

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The aftermarket is home to a massive array of replacement shocks with different levels of performance and adjustability. Replace your OEM shocks with rebuildable and revalvable shocks and they are likely to last longer than the rest of your machine.

With the right shocks, you can fine tune your ATV or UTV to suit you and what you plan to do with it – from a pure work vehicle to one designed for high-level racing.

FOX Float

FOX Float Shocks

Fox offers three Float models – the Float 3, Float 3 EVOL R, Float 3 EVOL RC2, and Float MXR. The Float 3/EVOL R is designed for recreational riders. Features include Kashima coating, infinitely adjustable air spring, and chrome silicone negative spring. Both are completely rebuildable and revalveable. The EVOL R benefits from an EVOL air chamber and a wide range of rebound adjustment. The EVOL RC2 is designed for racing and features dual stage air springs, dual speed compression adjuster, and velocity sensitive damping controls. Designed for Youth-sized ATVs, the Float MXR rear shock can handle everyday trail riding and racing. Features include infinitely adjustable air spring and adjustable rebound damping. Click here for more information.

FOX Podium

FOX Podium Shocks

FOX’s Podium lineup consists of the Podium 2.0, Podium RC2 (1.5 and 2.5), Podium 2.0 RC2R, and Podium Internal Bypass (2.5 and 3.0). The base Podium 2.0 is a coil spring shock with adjustable preload. The Podium RC2 piggyback (1.5 for Utility ATVs, 2.5 for UTVs) offers dual speed compression adjustments, a wide range rebound adjustments, and features Kashima coating. The Podium 2.0 RC2R offers the same features as the RC2, along with a remote reservoir with an infinitely rotatable reservoir hose. Finally, the Podium Internal Bypass shocks are designed for UTV racing and feature 6061-TD hard-anodized, high flow aluminum pistons, valving for seven compression stages and four rebound stages, external reservoir, dual coil spring, and zinc plating. Click here for more information.

Custom Axis

Custom Axis Shocks

Custom Axis offers a host of ATV and UTV shocks. The rear ATV shock is a remote reservoir style for Sport ATVs available with single or dual rate springs and features easy to adjust compression and rebound knobs. Custom Axis also makes an Air Shock, Piggyback Coil Spring Shock, and Remote Coil Spring Shock for both ATV and UTV applications. All feature compression and rebound adjustments

Elka Stage 1-5 ATV Shocks

Elka Stage 1-5 ATV Shocks

Elka offers five different level of shocks for Sport and Utility ATVs, all of which are custom built for a rider’s weight. Stage 1 shocks ($649 per pair) are Elka’s entry level models and are only adjustable for preload. Stage 2 shocks ($799 per pair) are designed for recreational users and feature preload and rebound adjustments. Stage 3 piggyback shocks ($999 per pair) benefit from a single low-speed compression damping adjustment, along with threaded spring preload adjustment. Stage 4 piggyback shocks ($1,399 per pair, $999 for single rear) offer adjustments for threaded spring preload, low-speed compression, and rebound. Stage 5 piggyback shocks ($1,899 per pair) are designed for high-performance racing applications. They feature adjustments for spring preload, rebound damping, low-speed compression damping, and high-speed compression damping. Click here for more information.

Elka Stage 4-5 UTV Shocks

Elka Stage 4-5 UTV Shocks

Elka offers three different levels of shocks for UTVs. Stage 4 shocks are far from entry level, as they feature adjustments for spring preload, rebound damping, and high- and low-speed compression damping. Step up to Elka’s Stage 5 shocks and you get full adjustability in a race-ready shock that is designed to virtually eliminate bottoming out, fading, and vibration. Elka’s newest shock is the 2.5-inch Stage 5. This model is designed to allow a less restricted massive oil flow and is built to withstand the abuse of newer long-travel UTVs. It has all the adjustability of the two-inch Stage 5, along with an adjustable cross-over ring, which provides precise adjustment of the transition from the dual rate springs to the main spring. Click here for more information.


JRi EXC 1 Shocks

JRi’s EXC 1 UTV shock features a 2.5-inch shock body and 2.5-inch piggyback reservoir. JRi says it has the largest range of compression adjustability in the industry with 70 positions. The shock is serviceable and rebuildable. The EXC 1 ATV shock is designed for Sport ATVs and features high-and low-speed compression and low-speed rebound adjustability. Click here for more information.


JRi EX3 Shocks

As the name implies, JRi’s EXC 3 is three-way adjustable for high- and low-speed compression and rebound. It features both a 2.5-inch shock body and piggyback reservoir. JRi boasts the EXC 3 is three times more durable than competitive models. Prices start at $3000 for a complete set. Click here for more information.

JRide OR 12

JRide OR 12 Suspension

The crown jewel of JRi’s UTV shocks is the JRide OR 12. This shock allows the driver to make adjustments on the fly. Changes can be made via Smartphone app, dashboard LCD colored display, steering wheel controls, or smart eight-button keypad. Compression and rebound adjustments can be made to all four wheels at the same time, just the front or rear shocks, or individually. Drivers can also save preset settings for different types of terrain. Click here for more information.

King Shocks

King Shocks

King Shocks were found on the first UTV to ever finish the Baja 1000. It offers two different models of shocks, in sizes to fit a variety of machines. The base model is King’s Direct Replacement shock. This coil over piggyback design features machined aluminum components, urethane foam bump stop, integrated piggyback reservoirs, large-diameter shafts, and tunable valving. Step up to King’s Adjustable Direct Replacement shock to get a wide range of compression adjustability through a clearly marked adjustment knob with 20 individual indents to make each click easy to feel with a gloved hand. Click here for more information.

Progressive Suspension

Progressive Suspension

Progressive makes budget-friendly shocks for UTVs (425 Series) and Utility ATVs (512 Series). The 425 Series starts at $399 and is available in standard or heavy duty spring rates. It features a high pressure nitrogen-charged damper wrapped in a powder coated coil spring and threaded preload adjusters. The 512 Series starts at $155.95 and features improved spring rates for heavier load stability, adjustable spring preload, and Shock Sox to help keep dirt and mud out of the spring.

Race Tech G3-S Custom Shocks

Race Tech Suspension

Race Tech is all about customization. It can build G3-S shocks for almost any ATV or UTV. Three types of G3-S shocks are available – IFP (internal floating piston), Remote Reservoir, and Piggyback. The IFP (starting at $699.99 per pair, $649.99 rear single) has no compression adjustment, while the Remote Reservoir and Piggyback (both starting at $1,199.99 per pair, $949.99 rear single) feature high- and low-speed compression adjustment. Custom shock lengths are available and consumers can choose from a host of options, including dual rate springs, triple rate springs, custom spring color, black anodizing, rebound adjuster, hydraulic preload adjusters, and ride height adjustment. Click here for more information.

Walker Evans Racing

Walker Evans Racing

Walker Evans Racing builds replacement shocks for Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Yamaha UTVs. Different sizes are available to suit a variety of vehicles, but at the heart of each is a coil over piggyback shock with 16-way compression adjustability and factory-tuned valving. All the shocks are rebuildable and come in shock body sizes ranging from 1.75 inches to 2.5 inches. All Walker Evans shocks are designed to work with OEM arms or long travel kits where the shock mount is in the OEM location. Click here for more information.

Works Performance Front & Rear Pairs

Works Performance Shocks

Works Performance offers four different styles of its front and rear shock pairings. AT-Chromies are made with bling in mind and feature threaded preload, optional chrome springs, and optional multi-rate springs. The Pro Series with remote reservoirs boast adjustments for compression, rebound, and threaded preload. Pro Series Piggyback shocks offer two- or three-way adjustable damping with triple-rate springs and can be had with compression only or rebound and compression adjustability. Pro Series Black Widow shocks are outfitted with low or high speed compression adjustments, low speed rebound adjustment, and large capacity oversize reservoirs. Click here for more information.

Works Performance Rear Single Shocks

Works Performance Rear Shocks

Works also builds four different rear shocks for Sport ATVs. The AT-Steeler features a remote reservoir with threaded preload adjustment. The QuadStar has a single-rate spring and remote reservoir with threaded preload adjustment. A step up in performance is the UltraCross, which is a double-adjustable shock with remote reservoir and 18-position rebound adjustment and threaded preload adjustment. The top of the line Black Widow is a piggyback shock with adjustments for high and low speed compression and rebound (18 positions). Click here for more information.

Zbroz Racing EXIT Shocks

Zbros Racing EXIT Shocks

Zbroz Racing offers a wide variety of shock options through its EXIT brand. At the low end is the two-inch IFP (internal floating piston) shock package ($1,199 for set of four), which offers fully adjustable spring preload and factory adjusted spring rate. Next up is the EXIT X1 piggyback shock ($1,900 for set of four), which features HTC wire springs, and threaded spring preload with 24 clicker adjustments. At the top end is the EXIT X2 ($2,300 for set of four), which is both compression and rebound adjustable with the simple turn of a knob. It is available with a single- or dual-rate spring. The X2 is also available as a single rear swingarm shock ($950) for Sport ATVs. Click here for more information.

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