2013 Indianapolis Dealer Expo Report

Rick Sosebee
by Rick Sosebee
Top new products featured in Indy

If looking at the newest tools, tires, racks or lights makes you dream of a fat tax return check, the 2013 Indianapolis Dealer Expo is the place you want to be. Of course, not everybody was able to make it to Indianapolis this past weekend, so we combed every inch of the showroom floor to bring the show to you.

The 2013 Indianapolis Dealer Expo certainly felt a little smaller this year, but we still were able to find plenty of interesting new products that should keep the off-road world happy over the coming months. Here’s a few things we’d like to put on our wish list for 2013:

New Tires From Maxxis and CST

Maxxis Snow Beast

One of our first stops at the Dealer Expo was the Maxxis booth and the Georgia-based tire maker had a couple of new offerings. The first tire we spotted was the Snow Beast. This icy snowy weather terrain tire is offered in a 25x9x12 for the front as well as 25x10x12 for the rear. The lugs on this tire have been pre-drilled for studs to give the ice rider some optional grip. With a 6-ply rating, the cold weather compound and wide lug spacing gives this tire what it needs to get through the frozen landscape.

Maxxis Coronado

Another great tire from Maxxis is the Coronado. This tire is offered in 25x8x12 and 25x10x12 with an 8-ply radial carcass. Utilizing stepped lugs and a compound developed for long wear life, this shoe fits the desert terrain. The Coronado is also deemed to be smooth riding over the rough terrain because of the true radial construction. Click here for more information on Maxxis tires.

CST Pulse Rear

CST showed up with an interesting tire as well. The Pulse debuted at this year’s Dealer Expo and with the Sport guys in mind CST has developed a tire to build confidence. Using the latest sport riding and cross country racing technology at hand, the engineers at CST built the 6-ply rated carcass to minimize flex and propel the rider’s confidence to the next level. For slide predictability, the 15-degree tire knob angle on the rear keeps the rider in control with increased bite. Click here for more information.

Intimidator Diesel UTV

Bad Boy Mowers Intimidator UTV

One vehicle that caught our eye at Dealer Expo was a 1000cc diesel unit that is made in the United States by Bad Boy Mowers – the Intimidator. Based out of Batesville, Ark., Bad Boy Mowers equipped the Intimidator with many features found on some street trucks. The Intimidator boasts a huge payload capacity of 1600 pounds and has a dump bed that will eject every pound of the cargo in it. Other notable features include a 2100-pound towing capacity, very comfortable seating, and shift on the fly 4WD. We’re hoping to test out this UTV for ourselves in the coming months. Click here for more information.

A Bad Dawg For Your Wildcat

Bad Dawg Wildcat Storage and Speaker

Looking for more storage for the Wildcat by Arctic Cat? The Bad Dawg combo of speaker enclosure and very well located storage container should do the trick. This box is form fitted to the driver and passenger cage right behind its occupants and fastens in with clamps similar to the ones that will hold the windshield. With a weather-tight seal and what seems to be enough room for a small child inside, you can now carry a few extras. Click here for more information.

SnoCobra Ski and Track Systems

SnoCobra Ski and Track System

Do you live in a snowy climate for a few months out of the year and wish you could drive your side-by-side without getting stuck? If so, the new SnoCobra ski and track systems might be worth exploring. This ski system quickly fastens to the front wheels on your side by side or ATV and combined with a good track system out back you will be pushing the neighbors out of the snow banks or heading out for groceries without a care in the world. Click here for more information.

Kolpin Warms Up the Ranger XP 900

Kolpin UTV Cab Heater

Another accessory for the winter riders that caught our eye is the Kolpin heater kit for the Polaris Ranger XP 900. This system retrofits right over the dash of your Ranger and after it is tied into the cooling system you will have effective heat for those cold days. The multi-speed blower pushes the warm air around the cab and with low noise and high heating your Polaris Ranger cab will be the place to be on those super chilly mornings. Click here for more information.

FUSE Headlight Covers

Brute Headlight Cover

Do you need something cool for your Kawasaki Brute Force? We found just the right item for those who like the “stand out” image. The tinted headlight covers offered by FUSE Powersports ($39.95)gives the Brute a cool look that also adds protection to the clear lenses behind them. These smoked out light covers simply mount with two push pins and brackets for an easy install. Click here for more information.

6D ATR-1 Helmet

6D Helmet Cutaway

Dealer Expo is always home to an array of helmet manufacturers, but this year 6D stood out most to us. The Omni-directional suspension technology in the new 6D helmets is designed to reduce low-threshold impact injuries. The ATR-1 OSD helmet ($745) from 6D is a must see for anyone serious about protection. Click here for more information.

Gates Gets Innovative

Gates CVT Clutch System

Getting your CVT or belt-driven machine moving is what Gates is all about. The last few years Gates has been working on a new and more economical yet fully adjustable CVT clutch setup. The version we spotted was in its testing phase and production units should be flying off the shelves really soon, but until then we will have to be patient. I can tell you the technology looked really good and getting our hands on one of these systems is a top priority.

Gates Carbon Tensite Belt

One key item to any CVT system is the drive belt. The new Gates G-Force Carbon Tensile CVT belt is built to withstand many days of harsh climate and rider abuse. The flexibility of the C12 belt is due to its carbon tensile cord, which provides minimal stretch and extraordinary strength. The belt gets its flexibility from its high performance neoprene designed with a trapezoidal top notch and a rounded bottom cog for heat control and flexibility. Click here for more information.

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