Top 10 Products For ATV Fishermen

Rick Sosebee
by Rick Sosebee
ATVs and UTVs can help get you to that secluded fishing spot

Fish aren’t dumb and keeping out of harm’s way is the norm for the watery game. When I was a little bit younger we would take our trusty ATVs and roam out into the overgrown woods of the neighbor’s farm. This private and very secluded lake made it tough for us to fish, but man the fish were giants and getting them out was easy.

UTV Riding and Trout Fishing in Ontario In recent years the idea of using your ATV or UTV to get to the hard-to-reach fishing spot has become more and more popular. Hauling gear in and gear plus big fish out means you really do need something to help with the transport or you will be absolutely beat before the afternoon’s quick fishing trip is over.

To help all the would-be ATV fishermen out, I decided to put together a list of items to help make your next fishing trip a litter easier and hopefully more successful.

Otter Fishing Rod Holder
Fishing Rod Case

Don’t forget the fishing rods! There are companies like Otter outdoors who are building quality rod cases to make sure your fishing rods make it to and from the secret spot every time. Some, like the Otter Rod Box, even have room for light tackle. Click here for more information.

Ice Auger Shield
Ice Auger Shield

Now down in the south we do not have the luxury of ice fishing, but up where it’s cold you’ll need an auger to get through the first layer of frozen lake to get a line in. Hauling that auger may be a bit difficult without a good auger shield. Otter Outdoors handles those as well. Click here for more information.

Maxxis Bighorn Tires
Quality ATV and UTV Tires

Before you go trudging off into some nasty terrain to get to your special fishing spot, you’ll want to make sure your ATV or UTV is outfitted with a set of tires that will get you there and back. Don’t get stuck because your tires aren’t built for the terrain you’re riding on. The Maxxis BigHorn 2.0 is a great all around tire that works well in sand, rocks and even moderate mud. Whatever tire you choose, just make sure it can handle what you plan on throwing at it.

Oakley Bottle Rocket Glasses
Polarized Sun Glasses

Where ever you go fishing you may want to consider a good pair of polarized sun glasses. These shades will keep the glare of the lake’s sunny reflection out of your eyes and you will be able to more easily spot your big fish in the water as well…provided it isn’t muddy. These angler-specific Bottle Rocket sunglasses from Oakley are just one of many options.

ATV First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

As you already know, fishing in the remote areas isn’t always safe so be sure to keep a good first aid kit with you in case of emergency. I’ve been stuck by my own hook more than once and there is nothing more painful than removing a fishing hook with needle nose pliers.

Sonim XP7
Rugged Cell Phone

Some may question the use of a cell phone on a private getaway for the day (especially if you told your boss you were at home sick), but if you get bitten by any varmints while wading through thick brush or have any sort of accident, then you’ll want as much help as possible and a quick call or text may save your life. Of course, not every phone is built the same. If you want a phone that can take some off-road abuse, take a look at the XP7 from Sonim.

BullFrom Insect Repellent
Sun Block/Insect Repellent

Sun block is crucial if you want to keep the sunburn away and insect repellent is a must to avoid those pesky bug bites. Some smart companies have even made sun block with a built-in insect repellent, so you only have to take one bottle with you. BullFrog Mosquito Coast is one such product. Click here for more information.

Yeti Roadie Cooler
ATV Cooler

Having a mini cooler of some kind lets you take a few cool drinks on your fishing trip. Having a place to keep snacks and cold stuff makes my trip very enjoyable and I have learned over the last few years that my body needs to be properly hydrated or a fun day will become not so enjoyable. The Yeti Roadie 20 holds up to 20 lbs of ice or 14 cold drinks and is built as tough as as a cooler can be. Learn more about the Yeti Roadie 20 here.


If you slip off into the creek, river or private pond to get to the good spots, maybe a good set of waders would be in order also. Cabela’s sells tough waterproof waders and some even come with boots on the bottom so you do not have to worry about ruining your riding shoes. Some of these waders can also come insulated for the cooler months. Click here for more information.

Rhino Bucket Holder
ATV Bucket Holder

Finally, you will need a way to get your fish back to the house or camp to prepare it for cooking. Some companies build five-gallon bucket totes for the rear rack of your ATV or you could simply strap them into the bed of your UTV. Rhino ATV Gear offers a bucket that attaches to its rear cargo box. Click here for more information.

These are just a handful of the many products available for the ATV or UTV angler, but this list is a good starting point.

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Rick Sosebee
Rick Sosebee

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