A couple weeks back I found myself in south-central Texas riding a custom UTV called Biohazard and shooting guns with Matt Carriker of Demolition Ranch. It was a banner day.

It all came together when I reached out to Matt to see if he wanted to partner up with ATV.com on a project. He agreed and before long we came up with a plan for a fun video involving zombies, firearms and a killer UTV. You can watch that video right here.

The toughest part for me was coming up with a machine that would stand out in a video like this. Stock just wasn’t going to cut it. I wanted something that would make even non-UTV riders take notice. After making some phone calls and sending out emails, I was eventually put in touch with the friend of a friend of a friend who had a machine we could use that was not far from Demolition Ranch headquarters in south-central Texas.

Blake Flanagan is the man who stepped up to loan me, a virtual stranger, his personal machine – Biohazard.

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Blake is the sales manager at Woods Cycle Country in New Braunfels, Texas, which is a powersports dealer that sells Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Can-Am vehicles. While you can find ATV and UTV dealers most anywhere, what sets Woods Cycle Country apart is its custom shop – WC3 (Woods Cycle Country Customs). WC3 does anything from a simple hunting package on an ATV to full blown mud machines and outlandish themed builds. Biohazard falls into the latter two categories.

As soon as Blake sent over a photo of Biohazard, I knew it was perfect for this project. And as great as it looks in pictures, seeing it in person is even better. You can’t help but smile at the insanity of it. And while it looks very much like a trailer queen that would never get dirty, Biohazard is designed to be a mud-killing machine and it has been put through the ringer.

Biohazard Swimming

Biohazard is no trailer queen. Blake is not shy driving into deep water. (Photo courtesy Blake Flanagan)

It might be hard to tell at first glance, but Biohazard started out life as a 2015 Polaris Ranger XP 900. While it maintains many stock components, Blake and the team at WC3 loaded up Biohazard with a laundry list of aftermarket performance (and non-performance) parts. Should you want to make your own Biohazard-type UTV, here is the recipe…at least as much as Blake was willing to share.

Lift It Up

The most obvious difference between Biohazard and a stock Ranger XP 900 is the sheer size of it. To help get it up and out of the mud, Biohazard received an eight-inch lift kit from S3 Power Sports. This is a bolt-on kit and includes heavy duty A-arms. While the shock bodies are stock, Biohazard sports a set of HD shock springs, also from S3 Power Sports.

S3 Power Sports Lift Kit

If you pick up the eight-inch lift kit from S3 Power Sports, this is what is included. (Photo by S3 Power Sports)

What good is a lift kit without a set of monster tires to go with it? Biohazard is outfitted with four monster 36-inch SuperATV Terminator tires with two-inch mud-clearing lugs. Each Terminator tire is wrapped around an 18-inch MSA M26 wheel.

Biohazard Tires

Biohazard features monster 36-inch Terminator tires on all four corners.

Turning those heavy 36-inch tires would be a problem for a stock Ranger, but WC3 solved the problem with a few modifications.

“On these machines being as big as they are, we beef up the suspension, as well and the clutching and the transmissions,” says Blake. “So this machine’s got a 30% gear reduction in it, a heavy duty reverse chain. It also had a Duraclutch (primary and secondary) in it as well.”


You can’t have a machine that looks like Biohazard without protecting it. The WC3 team wrapped the front end in a ReadyForce front sheet metal bumper from DragonFire, which holds a 6,000-pound Polaris winch. Out back you’ll find an S3 Power Sports rear winch bumper and 2,500-pound Polaris winch.

Biohazard Winch

Keeping the mud and water outside are a Polaris front windshield and rear glass panel. Biohazards ups the cool factor with front and rear window tint provided by Centex Tint.

It gets plenty hot in Texas, which makes the roof from S3 Power Sports a must for keeping the sun off your head and shoulders.

Perhaps my single favorite part on Biohazard is the enormous hook on the rear from Monster Hooks Inc. – it just looks mean.

Biohazard Monster Hook

Finally, to protect the engine from taking on water, a PVC snorkel system snakes up the back of the rear panel.

One notable safety omission on Biohazard is seat belts. If we owned this UTV, adding seatbelts would be the one major change we’d make.

Pump Up the Volume

To make sure everybody can hear you coming, Biohazard is loaded with a booming Wet Sounds audio system, installed by Audio Source in New Braunfels, Texas.

Biohazard Interior

This system includes four REV8 tower speakers pointing out the back, four XS-650 speakers inside the cab, Stealth 10 sound bar and subs by JL Audio.


If you see Biohazard at night, it basically glows in the dark thanks to all the aftermarket lighting. Helping to brighten up the night sky is a 30-inch Rogue4 light bar on the roof and a pair of marine-grade dually spotlights from Rigid Industries embedded in the rear bumper.

Biohazard Night

You’ll certainly get noticed when driving Biohazard after the sun goes down. (Photo courtesy Blake Flanagan)

While it may not make things louder, each Wet Sounds speaker is accented by an RGB light ring for an eye-catching touch. Even the ground beneath Biohazard gets lit up, thanks to Wildcat Lighting on the underside of the UTV.

This Beast is Beautiful

Finally, to really make the Biohazard eye-catching, the WC3 team powder coated all the suspension components, bumpers and frame in a neon color with a white base coat. The seats are wrapped in alligator vinyl for a nice finishing touch.

Biohazard Alligator Seat

You can keep up with all the WC3 builds by following Blake on Istagram @dem_nb_boyz_bf and Woods Cycle Country @cyclecountry.

Biohazard Action Water



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