Honda Talon: Handling + Video

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The Talon delivers razor-sharp handling

It doesn’t matter how much power and performance a Sport Side-by-Side has – you need sharp and responsive handling to get the most out of it. The Honda Talon 1000 models deliver this in spades.

All Talon models are constructed around rigid, one-piece frames – the perfect building blocks for next-level handling.

The Talon 1000X has a more compact footprint with its 64-inch width and is designed for unsurpassed precision when carving up the trails. This SxS is ideal for maneuvering through tight trails, as it cuts around corners like it’s on rails.

Talon 1000R is more than four inches wider and uses an innovative 4+ link rear suspension to help it shine at high-speed tracking and big bump absorption. If you like to carve up the dunes or kick up a dust cloud in the open desert with its uneven terrain, this is the Talon you want.

Handling for both Talons gets even better thanks to FOX Podium QS3 shocks at every corner. These shocks have three quick-adjust settings that allow you to easily adapt to any trail condition. It takes just seconds to change how the shocks perform, leaving you more time for driving and less time fidgeting with shock springs.

Put it all together and the Talon offers handling that is razor sharp and responds to every whim of the driver.

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