Honda Talon: I-4WD + Video

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I-4WD offers a host of benefits for off-roaders

When it came to building its first ever Sport SxS, Honda engineers and designers packed a lot of innovation into the Honda Talon. One particularly innovative feature is intelligent four-wheel drive – or I-4WD. This unique system offers a host of benefits.

I-4WD is a combination of brake traction control with a torque-biasing limited slip differential. Confused? We’ll try to simplify things for you. In a nutshell, this system monitors left and right front wheel speed and applies brake to the wheel that is spinning and more drive force to the wheel with better traction so you can get up, over or through the obstacle at hand.

That alone is incredibly useful to off-roaders everywhere, but what sets it apart even further is that you never have to stop and engage I-4WD. It is always working and ready to help when you need it – even when you are blasting through the trails or kicking up sand in the desert at high speeds. Best of all, it doesn’t come with the heavy steering you get with a fully locked differential.

Another interesting benefit of I-4WD is Hill Start Assist. Let’s say you happen to stop on an incline to take a few photos on your phone or look at a map. When you want to get going again, Hill Start Assist allows you to take your foot off the brake without rolling backward before you can hit the gas – all with one-foot operation. It couldn’t be simpler.

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