Honda Talon: Durability + Video

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The Talon lives up to Honda's reputation for building durable machines

When it comes to durability and off-road vehicles, Honda takes a back seat to nobody. Honda ATVs and SxS vehicles have a well-earned reputation for being the most durable machines anywhere and the Honda Talon is no exception.

Honda spent months torture testing every single component of the Talon again and again so it would be ready for whatever you could dish out. That means you don’t have to fret about hammering through the desert whoops or driving hard for hours on a hot day. The Honda Talon was built for it.

All of Honda’s testing results in a drivetrain featuring ultra-strong CV joints, U-joints and propshafts. In other words, the parts of a Sport SxS that typically see the most amount of abuse. Honda also outfitted the Talon’s suspension with large-diameter link arms to boost strength and give you the confidence you need when you are out on the trail.

Finally, the fully automatic 6-speed dual clutch transmission is built tough with its all-metal-gear drive. If you’ve ever shredded a belt and got stranded in another brand’s UTV, you don’t need any convincing about why a gear-driven transmission is a very good thing.

If it’s confidence-inspiring durability you’re after in a Sport SxS, look no further than the Honda Talon 1000X and R.

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