Honda Talon: Dual Clutch Transmission + Video

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Honda's DCT gives you complete control

In the competitive world of Sport SxS vehicles, it takes a lot to stand out. And while the Honda Talon has some unique features, the one that really sets it apart is its six-speed, fully automatic, dual clutch transmission.

In the off-road world, only Honda offers a true dual clutch transmission and it offers a host of benefits that Talon owners will enjoy for years to come.

Unlike the vast majority of other Sport SxS transmissions, the dual-clutch transmission in the Honda Talon is gear driven. This means you won’t lose any power from belts slipping. And gear-driven transmissions are much more durable than their belt-driven counterparts, which translates to more time out on the trail and less time in the shop.

The Talon’s dual clutch transmission also features a Manual mode. This allows the driver to upshift or downshift by tapping on the column-mounted paddle shifters.

Drivers can also choose from two different fully automatic modes – Drive and Sport. But even while cruising the trails in one of the automatic modes, you can override the system and manually change gears on the fly with the paddle shifters whenever you want to move up or down gear range.

Another important feature of the Honda Talon’s dual-clutch transmission is the high/low sub-transmission. This allows the driver to find the right gear with the right amount of torque for any situation.

Put it all together and the Honda Talon’s dual clutch transmission offers a mix of control and convenience you won’t find anywhere else.

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