Yamaha threw the off-road industry a big curveball last year with the manual transmission YXZ1000R. It looks like Yamaha isn’t done with the Sport UTV segment yet.

Yamaha just unveiled a new teaser video for the follow up to the YXZ1000R. Yamaha shows very little of the new machine in the teaser, but there is enough to draw some conclusions.

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One of the things Yamaha did show us was the pedals. Unlike the current YXZ1000R, there doesn’t appear to be a clutch pedal. See the images below for a comparison.

Yamaha YXZ1000R Pedals

This is what the pedals look like in the current YXZ1000R.

Yamaha Teaser Pedals

Here is what the pedals look like in the teaser video. Looks like the clutch pedal on the left is missing.

While that may lead you to believe Yamaha has done away with a manual transmission, the video also shows the gauges, including the gear indicator. That has us thinking that Yamaha has outfitted the YXZ with paddle shifters, which is another step further in the direction of a pure-sport machine.

Yamaha YXZ Gear Indicator

If there is no clutch pedal but there is still a gear indicator, does that mean paddle shifters are on the way?

It’s also possible we’ll see a turbocharger, but the teaser video offers no hints about that.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait too long to find out, as the video shows the new YXZ is coming June 8, 2016.



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