Honda Extends Coverage on ATVs Staff
by Staff
Company doubles warranty period to 12 months

American Honda Motor Co., Inc of Torrance, Calif. has announced that all 2008 ATVs will feature a 12-month warranty.

Honda has historically offered six-month warranties on its ATVs, but the company recently decided to extend the coverage to a full year.

The top ATV-producing manufacturer in the United States, Honda has also decided to extend the coverage on all new 2007 and prior ATV models sold before the end of 2008.
“Our ATV customers can have the benefit of increased protection on more models right now,” says Dan Wright, American Honda’s national sales manager.
Customers who have recently purchased Honda ATVs may also qualify for additional protection. Those customers still within their original six-month limited warranty may be able to extend the coverage to 12 months. Those customers should contact their local Honda dealer for details. Staff Staff

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