Motowoz Performance Systems has released its new front piggyback shocks for cross-country ATV racing. The XC Piggyback shock features an exclusive “tucked-in” reservoir configuration to provide an enhanced fit and improved durability and XC-specific springs.

“The reservoir is packaged much closer to the main body of the shock,” says Jim Jaworski, Motowoz president. “We engineered the shock this way because our experience has shown most racers will run some type of a long-travel A-arm. With the more typical piggyback design, the shock’s reservoir can hit the A-arm in the backside of the ball joint area as the shock moves deeper into its travel. Our compact design eliminates that problem.”

Many competitive shock brands incorporate remote reservoirs for use on ATVs set up for cross-country racing. Motowoz took that knowledge into account and also knows many cross-country A-arms have an integrated adjustment area or device to alter the machine’s caster. Jaworski says this caster-altering mechanism consumes more valuable space and increases the likelihood of contact with a shock’s reservoir.

“Our tucked-in setup also makes for a more refined package as opposed to exposed remote reservoirs,” says Jaworski. “They stick out less, require less components during the bolt-on stage and are less likely to make contact with another quad or obstacle on the trail.”

The Motowoz XC Piggyback shock features Adjustable Spring Progression (ASP), which gives the end user or shock tuner ample adjustment scenarios for racing off-road. The shocks are adjustable for compression and rebound and include a particular triple-rate XC spring package that has been specifically calibrated for cross-country applications.

“Our compression and rebound adjuster effectively changes the shock’s internal settings and alters how the oil flows as the shock travels through its various strokes. Both adjusters also work in conjunction with relief valves that make them velocity sensitive,” says Jaworski. “With our tunable, progressive spring package you can truly control the point where each spring takes over during the suspension process. In addition, you can make these adjustments with the shocks mounted to your quad, which ultimately saves you time and energy.”

With a retail price of $1,349, the Motowoz Piggyback shock is made from honed hydraulic cylinder tubing, the XC Piggyback bodies are CNC machined and then polished and plated for a durable finish. Like all Motowozshocks, the XC Piggyback model includes the company’s distinctive design traits: Stub Acme threads, aircraft-quality billet aluminum parts, 5/8-inch oversized shaft that is ground and hard chromed, triple-seal configuration, high-grade oil, Velocity Sensitive Valving (VSV), hard-anodized aluminum piston and precision stamped valve discs. 

“Winning is important and that’s why I strive to eliminate potential problem areas. A rider’s abilities can only go as far as the equipment. If I can make it possible for the rider to focus on racing and not product flaws, then I’ve done my part of the equation and given them a better chance to win. And I feel rewarded when I see my customers standing on the podium and earning titles,” says Jaworski.

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