Defending 2009 GNCC ATV Champion Chris Borich and his Suzuki QuadRacer R450 dominated the mud at the John Penton GNCC race this weekend in Millfield, Ohio.

Round 8 of the GNCC series was a muddy and slick one, but Borich found enough power and traction to take it to the checkered flag with a sizeable lead. Borich is now leading the series by 28 points and has won six of eight races so far in 2010.

Borich started the day off with a great start, thanks to the fine-tuned power and traction of the R450. He stayed up front, dicing with other racers, and found himself in the lead on the last lap of the muddy race. Borich’s lead was a small gap at the start of the lap, but by the end of the race he had an impressive 30-second lead.

“My Suzuki has great power, and it handles well no matter what the conditions are,” says Borich. “We put together a good race and I’m happy with the results. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

Borich will be on track again June 26 for Round 9 of the series as it takes over Snowshoe Resort in Snowshoe, WV. Look for him and his QuadRacer R450 to be battling it out up front.



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