In the world of popular off-road boot brands, Gaerne is among the best. The Gaerne SG-12 riding boots are the flagship off-road boot of the brand and with good reason.

When it comes to quality craftsmanship, it’s hard to beat “hand-made.” Gaerne SG-12 riding boots are manufacture by hand, in Italy, with particular attention given to comfort and support. Though on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to price, the myriad of features and quality materials is a strong selling point.

Chief among them is the Gaerne dual-stage pivot system, which has been recently updated on the SG-12 model.

“With the latest updates to the SG-12, Gaerne has fine-tuned our dual-stage pivot system, devising the first stage to provide strong lateral support at the ‘Razorback,’ along with a glide plate to keep the boot upper in a firm and upright position, and the second stage of the pivot system, which is fixed on a sliding glide and allows for more natural foot position, but also acts as a shock absorber to reduce unwanted compression in the cases of over-jumping or bottoming out.

Gaerne SG-12 riding boots

To blend comfort, form and protection, heat-resistant inner grip guards protect the riders legs from engine heat and adjustable, anatomically shaped thermoplastic shin guards create a wider opening to accommodate riders with larger calfs or those who utilize knee braces. On the inside, Gaerne memory cell foam lining adjusts to the shape of the rider’s foot, creating a comfortable bond that makes the boot feel like an extension of the rider’s foot. Gaerne SG-12 riding boots are available in an assortment of colors and will run you from $476.99 to $494.99. Learn more here.

Product Features


  • Stretchable Acronos fabric gaiter.
  • Shock absorbing heel cup.
  • Adjustable size opening shin-plate.
  • Set of four robust alloy buckles.
  • Anti-shock, dual-compound sole.
  • Memory cell foam inner-lining.
  • Removable dual-density insole.
  • High wear components are replaceable.
  • Low profile stitched sole


  • Supportive “Razorback” strut.
  • Full-length, heat-resistant grip guard.
  • Dual-pivoting glide plate hinge system.
  • Redesigned stainless toe cap.
  • Low profile reinforced toe box.
  • Supercross Shank: This is the best shank money can buy-lighter, stronger.



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