Headed to King of the Hammers 2020? Hyperco is Showing Off Their UTV Performance Spring Kits

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Every year, tens of thousands of all-terrain driving enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Johnson Valley in Southern California to watch scores of off-road vehicles compete in some truly epic all-terrain racing. The annual King of the Hammers event incorporates both desert racing and rock crawling, so in order to stand a chance, racecraft must be equipped to not only book it over high-speed desert terrain, but also to navigate treacherous slow-speed rocky trails, and that’s no easy feat.

Hammertown opens January 31st, officially kicking off KOH Week, which runs for 10 days and culminates in an epic weekend of racing. And if you’re going to be attending Nitto King of the Hammers 2020, you should plan to seek out the folks at Hyperco, a worldwide leader in high-performance aftermarket and motor racing suspension components. As of January 31st, they’ll be at the event selling and installing their UTV Performance Spring Kits for customers, with an expanded product line that includes new kits for Polaris RZR, Can-Am Maverick and Honda Talon models. Bring your UTV with you to the event and you’ll be able to pull right into Hyperco’s installation area — located at the top of Hammertown, just inside the WARN Gate — and roll out with a new set of high-performance springs.

The history of Hyperco’s high-performance suspension springs stretches back 60 years and includes an impressive list of race wins — at all levels of motorsports, all around the globe — earning the company a rep as a top-tier motorsports brand. But Hyperco’s also had a substantial footprint in the performance aftermarket and off-road industries for years, and while you may not see their name everywhere, you’ve likely seen their product before, as a private label supplier to some of off-road’s biggest suspension brands. Hyperco’s branded springs can also be found on street rods, buggies, Pro2 and Pro-lite trucks, T1 trucks in Baja — even the UTV you may have in your garage.

All this to say: when it comes to high-performance aftermarket suspension springs, you’d better believe that Hyperco knows its stuff.

Today, the company’s line of UTV Performance Spring Kits boast a number of advantages over competitors’ products. For one thing, they weigh less, contributing less to unsprung mass and affording superior suspension response. For another, they’re more resistant to bowing, helping reduce friction and wear on your UTV’s hydraulic dampers. They also maintain their free length better, making for a more consistent vehicle ride height; they deflect more, for a smooth, consistent ride and increased weight-handling capability, and they deliver a more linear rate than most other aftermarket springs, for better control and predictability – meaning you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort or ride quality again.

In addition to their UTV spring kits, Hyperco also offers a range of products, including suspension coil springs, composite leaf springs, hydraulic load-centering spring perches and much more, for a range of vehicles running the gamut from tuned-up street cars to full-blown racecraft.

Nitto King of the Hammers runs from January 31st through February 9th on Means Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, California. For 2020, the event will feature Can-Am Motorsports UTV and Nitto ULTRA4 King of the Hammers races, as well as a Toyo Desert Invitational for T1 trophy trucks, an ULTRA4 vs. Rock Bouncer shootout, Every Man Challenge race, and King of the Motos.

So if you’ve ever considered upgrading the tired factory coil springs on your UTV – whether you’re entering this year’s Can-Am Motorsports UTV King of the Hammers race or not – you’re going to want to pay a visit to Hyperco and see what their team can do for you and your UTV. And if you are attending King of the Hammers this year, you’ll definitely want to come see these spring kits in person by visiting Hyperco’s booth: located at the top of Hammertown, right inside the WARN Gate. Don’t miss it!

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