Are People Still Buying ATVs and UTVs During the Pandemic? Staff
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are people still buying atvs and utvs during the pandemic
It's not all bad news in the off-road industry

The past month or so has been pretty strange for all of us and a lot of businesses are suffering – including in the ATV/UTV industry. But not everybody is struggling in the same way.

For instance, our classifieds section has getting more traffic these past few weeks than ever before. Off-road enthusiasts are clearly still interested in shopping around for used ATVs and UTVs.

As for sales of new off-road vehicles, we assume that has slowed dramatically, though we do not have any concrete numbers to share on that subject. But there’s at least one off-road brand that says sales have not slumped as much as it expected and it has a theory as to why.

“Our sales have not slowed down during this quarantine period,” says American LandMaster marketing director David Piercy. “At first I was a bit perplexed when I saw our monthly numbers, but then I started to understand more of why this could be happening. The fact is people are browsing the internet more than ever during this time. They just received their tax return and now their stimulus check is coming. So by being stuck at home and having some extra cash, consumers are itching to buy something to keep them and their family entertained. Buying a UTV during this time is ideal because it provides the owner and their family an opportunity to go explore, work on projects, or just have fun without leaving the property. This is why I believe sales have not slowed down.”

American Landmaster Beauty

But brands still need to get creative at times like these to entice buyers and American Landmaster has been working on a unique marketing initiative.

The Indiana-based company has launched a “Staying at home just got better” campaign designed to appeal to customers that own UTVs just for work and customers that like to have some fun driving off-road with family.

“One of our goals is to simply give people hope while they’re stuck at home.” said Piercy. “I want others to see this as a positive opportunity to work on projects and enjoy family, rather than a negative situation where they feel trapped and isolated. There is something so freeing about jumping on a UTV to cruise off-road with your family or to use as a sidekick for yard projects. Our second goal is to spread the fact that by buying our product you are supporting American jobs. Especially during this time, it is so critical to be focused on helping the American economy. By purchasing a Landmaster UTV, not only are you supporting our jobs at American Landmaster, but you are also supporting several of our American suppliers including: Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, CVtech, Hillard, Schafer, and Carlisle, just to name a few.”

And American Landmaster dealers have also stepped up by offering home delivery, so consumers don’t have to leave home and visit a dealership to finalize a purchase – something we’ve seen from several ATV and UTV manufacturers recently.

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