CFMOTO Ups the Ante in Luxury Trail Riding With New CFORCE Touring ATV

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When you want to do serious trailing riding on an ATV, a two-up touring model is the perfect way to get out and enjoy the ride.

CFMOTO is raising the bar for touring ATVs with two new-for- 2024 CFORCE models ready to hit the trail. 

The company has completely revamped the CFORCE 1000 Touring and CFORCE 800 Touring ATVs with all-new motors, styling, and features that make the ride fun. These new models are the most advanced ATVs to come from CFMOTO, and show how committed the company is to brining the most cutting-edge machines to the ATV market. 

New Powerplants

The most exciting features of these two ATVs are the two, all-new reliable motors that power them. The CFORCE 1000 is powered by CFMOTO’s latest 963cc V-Twin, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, SOHC, eight-valve engine that produces 90 horsepower and 63 lb-ft of torque. The CFORCE 800 Touring uses an all-new 75 horsepower CFMOTO 800cc V-Twin, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, SOHC, eight-valve engine that also pumps out an impressive 52 lb-ft of torque. 

Both motors are fed by a Bosch electronic fuel injection system, and feature new ride-by-wire technology electronic throttle systems for a smooth feel and improved response from rider input. This gives you increased control and direct power responsiveness from the motor. This new system also gives you three ride modes: Work, Normal, and Sport. These modes let you tailor your throttle response to the type of riding you’re doing and your personal preferences. These modes also help showcase the versatility of these two CFORCE ATVs with the ability to use them for work and play.

CFMOTO knows that all the power an engine can produce is wasted without a sturdy transmission to transfer that power to the ground. That’s why it also developed new CVT transmissions to go with the new motors. The transmissions were designed in-house and manufactured to withstand whatever you could throw at them while on the trail or around the house. But CFMOTO didn’t just want a stronger, more durable transmission…it had to be lighter as well. CFMOTO designed these transmissions to withstand the increased torque and horsepower output of the new motors, all while being smooth and quiet, exactly what you expect from a performance transmission system.

What is most impressive about these new engines is how well they address exactly what consumers are looking for in big-bore utility/trail ATVs. Look for this level of attention to spread through the entire CFMOTO line as the company proceeds. 

Rider Input

With both machines, CFMOTO made dramatic advancements with rider input to increase control, giving you a more comfortable and safer ride. One of the most significant upgrades is CFMOTO’s new Dynamic Downhill Assist, which allows you to add the perfect amount of electronic engine braking while traversing a downhill section of trail. This gives you more control and stability, all while increasing rider comfort and confidence. 

CFMOTO’s Electronic Power Steering (EPS) has four rider-selectable modes that respond to speed and steering input, giving you precise assistance at lower speeds and increased feedback on challenging terrain, or when the speed increases.

New Selectronic additions to the CFORCE line let you stay seamlessly connected and in command of your journey with a 7-inch TFT display. This system keeps you informed and in control, with Bluetooth phone connectivity with Apple CarPlay, integrated navigation, and music controls allowing you to hit the trails in style with some good tunes, while you travel exactly where you want to go. The display also helps with the mechanical side of things with real-time vehicle monitoring, so you can be up-to-date with every aspect of your CFMOTO CFORCE Touring ATV’s performance.

Ride Quality

Of course, any ATV can only be as good as its suspension system, and CFMOTO worked on developing one that was as advanced as the new motor and electronics. The CFORCE 1000 and 800 Touring’s all-new advanced suspension systems feature new, high-pressure gas shocks with piggyback reservoirs for a ride you can customize to your weight, ability, and conditions. These shocks allow you to adjust preload, compression, and rebound settings on both the front and rear to your exact needs. CFMOTO set out to design a system specifically for two-up riding. The system offers increased stability for both rider and passenger, with a smooth ride and comfort for longer trips. To help this, CFMOTO added new sculpted seating that is specific to two-up riding, making things even more comfortable and confidence-inspiring. 


Another area CFMOTO addressed was style. Both machines have a sleek new style with LED lighting, aggressive-looking grill and plastics, integrated handguards, and bold color options, including Tundra Grey, Zircon Black, and True Timber Camo. 14-inch cast aluminum rims are wrapped with 27-inch CST Stag tires, and both new ATVs come with a 3,500lb winch with synthetic rope. 

These are two very striking ATVs visually and show that CFMOTO has been doing its homework when it comes to designing machines that people want to ride. The CFORCE Touring 1000 and 800 ATVs have the power, suspension, and technology to run with any brand on the trail, making them a brand worth checking out at a CFMOTO dealer near you.

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