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Photo credit: Red Bull Motorsports

Cristina Gutiérrez achieved a monumental feat in the world of motorsports by winning the Dakar Rally, becoming the first female champion in 23 years. Alongside her co-driver Pablo Moreno, Gutiérrez demonstrated extraordinary resilience, overturning a 25-minute deficit to claim victory in the Challenger category during the 12th stage.

The Emotional Journey to Triumph

Gutiérrez recounts the overwhelming emotions she felt upon realizing her victory. Initially believing she had secured second place, the moment of triumph was a blend of disbelief and joy. The confirmation of her win was met with an outpouring of celebration and a flurry of media attention, marking an unforgettable milestone in her career.

Photo credit: Red Bull Motorsports
Dedication and Remembrance

In her victory, Gutiérrez holds dear the memory of her family, the children in a hospital in Burgos who support her, and Carles Falcón, a Spanish rider who tragically passed away during the rally. This victory serves as a tribute to them, adding a layer of profound personal significance to her achievement.

The First Call and the Support System

Yet to make a call to her family, Gutiérrez shares the anticipation and excitement amongst her loved ones. The support and encouragement from her family have been a constant source of strength, evident in their eagerness and belief in her success throughout the race.

Overcoming Challenges with Resilience

Reflecting on the race's challenges, particularly a grueling 48-hour marathon stage, Gutiérrez emphasizes the importance of team support and her comfort in the car. These elements were crucial in fostering the determination and resilience that propelled her to victory.

Mental Strength: The Key to Success

Gutiérrez discusses her mental fortitude, a vital component of her success. Her journey in motorsports began at a young age, marked by a relentless pursuit of her goals. This unwavering commitment, coupled with her ability to stay focused and fight until the end, has been a defining characteristic of her approach to the Dakar Rally.

Looking Ahead: Balancing Career and Commitments

Despite considering a holiday, Gutiérrez's schedule remains packed. She plans to return to her dental clinic and fulfill numerous commitments, including interviews, highlighting her dedication to balancing her professional and racing careers.

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