Big Air in the Dunes [video]

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
big air in the dunes video

To accompany our recent review of the KFX700, we did a little digging in the YouTube archives to see Kawasaki’s big bore sport quad in action. About the coolest thing we found was a video of the KFX, along with a handful of other ATVs and a Honda CRF450R motorcycle, playing around in the St. Anthony Dunes.

For an amateur video this is pretty well put together. While playing around on ATVs in the dunes always makes us smile, the real star of the show is the two-wheeler. The Honda hits crazy 100-foot jumps that most ATV riders can only dream of. Still, we’d take a day jumping around in the sand on quads over a day banging away on a keyboard every time.

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