GBC Motorsports has expanded its popular line of Dirt Commander tires by adding two new sizes this year – one front and one rear.

The Dirt Commander is one of GBC’s best selling products. According to GBC, the Dirt Commander is extremely durable and puncture resistant and features deeply siped tread for exceptional traction in all conditions and 8-ply rated bias construction. As well, the Dirt Commander is suitable for both Side-by-Sides and Utility ATVs

“We take customer feedback very seriously and often the expansion of our lines starts by talking to the people that are out there riding and racing,” says Kory Ellis, GBC Motorsports representative. “Larger tire sizes are gaining popularity, but not everyone is able or willing to move to a 14″ wheel. As a result we developed these new sizes so that we could offer our larger 27″ Dirt Commanders for 12″ wheels.”

The two new Dirt Commander sizes will be 27×9.00-12 (front) and 27×11.00-12 (rear).

AE122508DC FRONT 25×8.00-12 8PR 21.7 450 $116.17
AE122510DC REAR 25×10.00-12 8PR 26.5 550 $148.62
AE122609DC FRONT 26×9.00-12 8PR 25.5 410/570 $134.53
AE122611DC REAR 26×11.00-12 8PR 27.4 480/680 $162.85
AE122709DC FRONT 27×9.00-12 8PR 26.5 750/920 $137.84
AE122711DC REAR 27×11.00-12 8PR 30.4 780/960 $164.87
AE142609DC FRONT 26×9.00-14 8PR 24.3 700/1000 $135.67
AE142611DC REAR 26×11.00-14 8PR 29.2 730/1045 $163.88
AE142709DC FRONT 27×9.00-14 8PR 22.8 750/1075 $139.14
AE142711DC REAR 27×11.00-14 8PR 30.5 780/1120 $167.30

*NEW SIZES SHOWN IN BOLD **True sizes achieved within 72 hours of mounting

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