Teixeira Tech Releases New RZR XP 900 A-Arms and Radius Rods

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
teixeira tech releases new rzr xp 900 a arms and radius rods, Teixeira Racing RZR 900 Front A Arms
Teixeira Racing RZR 900 Front A-Arms

Teixeira Tech has released what it is calling the industry’s first X-treme Ground Clearance A-arms and Radius Rods that don’t weigh you down. According to Teixeira Tech, no other ground clearance kit on the market will compare in strength to weight ratio!

Teixeira Tech’s XGC stock replacement stock-width A-arms are designed to offer more ground clearance to avoid trail and track obstacles. The A-arms are constructed with large diameter 4130 chromoly steel tubing in a precision built jig. Teixeira Tech’s XGC stock replacement A-arms accept stock shocks, ball joints and mounting hardware. Prices start at $335.00.

“The unique design allows for X-treme Ground Clearance through the full motion of suspension travel,” Teixeira Tech says in a release. “The radius rods are a boxed and ribbed design that is constructed with 4130 chromoly steel sheet metal, which offers an unmatched strength to weight ratio.”

Teixeira Racing RZR 900 Radius Rods

Teixeira Tech’s XGC stock width radius rods come with spherical rod ends, rod bearings, o-rings, and stainless steel rod reducers. Prices start at $425.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 XGC A-arms and Radius Rods are currently under development and will be released soon.

Visit TeixeiraTech.com for more information.