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Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
WASPcam Gideon

Just a year old, the WASPcam brand of action cameras offer consumers multiple options with features other action camera brands don’t have.

While the top end WASPcam has familiar specs (1080p60, 16MP photo, WiFi, waterproof), WASPcam also offers wireless wrist remotes and built-in live viewing displays.

WASPcam has three separate camera models (but four camera packages) at various price-points. Here’s a breakdown of the camera models:

WASPcam GIDEON Action-Sports Camera (
WASPcam Gideon Package

Considered the ‘premium’ level choice of the three, the GIDEON’s big highlight is the included wireless wrist remote which features a built-in live viewing display. The camera and remote remain connected up to 25 feet away. From the remote, you can control video and photo functions, see what the camera is seeing and use it as a standard watch. Of course, as you’d expect with a top of the line action-camera, records in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second and takes 16-megapixel photos.

• Up to 1080p60 high-definition video quality (or select 1080p30, 960p60, 720p120)

• 16MP still camera

• Time Lapse, Photo Burst, Self Timer modes

• WiFi enabled to connect with WASPcam App on iPhone and Android devices. From your device, the user can view, record and share their WASPcam files

• Auto-looping function: video will record over itself so a great option for use as a security device or ‘dash cam’ in vehicle

• Includes Wireless Wrist Remote with Live Viewing Display (LVD)

• Waterproof down to 196 feet

• Mounts from top & bottom of camera casing

• LED display screen

WASPcam 9900/ 9901 Action-Sports Camera ( 9901)
WASPcam 9900

The 9900 and 9901 camera records 1080p video up to 30fps. A wireless wrist remote is included with the 9900, but can be purchased separately at any point. This remote doesn’t feature a live video feed, but controls photo and video recording up to 25 feet away and its waterproof down to 196 feet. Along with 1080p30 HD video, the 9900/ 9901 captures still images at 5MP and has the WiFi/ App function like the GIDEON model.

• Up to 1080p30 HD video (also 960p30 and 720p60)

• 5 MP photo

• WiFi for connecting with WASPcam App to turn iPhone or Android into live viewing screen, remote and online sharing tool

• Time Lapse, Photo Burst, Self Timer modes

• Waterproof down to 196 feet

• Mounts from top & bottom of camera casing

• LED display screen

WASPcam JAKD Action-Sports Camera (

For those starting out in the wonderful world of HD video recording, or parents looking for a budget minded but durable option for their child, WASPcam suggests the JAKD. It features 1080 video and 5MP photos, but what separates the JAKD from others in its price range is a live viewing screen built into the backside of the camera and night-lights to capture night time action.

• 1080p25 and 720p30 HD video

• 3MP/ 5MP photo

• 2” LCD built-in touch screen: review files instantly

• Night-Lights: LED front lamps and infrared IR

• Waterproof down to 90 feet

• Auto looping video function: great security device!

To learn more about WASPcam and see all cameras, mounts and accessories available, visit

Lucas Cooney
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