2015 Father's Day Gift Guide

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
Father's Day Gift Guide
10 gifts any ATV-loving dad will appreciate

Father’s Day falls on June 21 this year. Since the day to celebrate dads is fast approaching and many fathers are notoriously difficult to shop for, we decided to put together a list of gifts any ATV- or UTV-loving dad would be happy to receive.

Seeing as we all have different budgets for gift giving, we’ve tried to include items in a variety of price ranges to suit everybody. Happy shopping!

Father's Day Ride
Take Your Dad for a Ride

You can spend any amount of money on your dad and he’ll likely be happy, but we’re confident he’d rather just spend time with you. What better way to spend time together than going out and exploring some trails? You can even make a weekend out of it by packing a tent, some sleeping bags, and even a couple of fishing poles. Time with your dad is far and away the most valuable give you can give this (or any) year.

Can-Am Commander Sun Top
UTV Sun Top

When trying to fit a UTV into your budget, sometimes that means passing on some very useful accessories. To help keep the summer sun of your dad’s head, think about picking up a sun top. A good sun top (or roof) can really make a difference on a hot day. All the major manufacturers sell sun tops to fit their Side-by-Sides, but the aftermarket also has some interesting options. Moose Utilities sells options to fit just about machine. Prices start at about $110.

Click here for more information on Moose Utilities Sun Tops.

Heat Demon Heated Steering Wheel
Heated Grips or Steering Wheel

While the Sun top helps when the mercury rises, you can also help extend your dad’s riding season well into the fall and winter with heated grips or a heated steering wheel. Anybody who’s gone for a ride early in the morning on a cool day will tell you their hands can ache with cold. Heat Demon offers both heated grips and a heated steering wheel to keep your dad warm on his ATV or UTV. Heated grips have an MSRP of $149.95, while the heated steering wheel sells for $379.99.

Visit HeatDemon.com for more information.

Chain Breaker Tool
ATV Chain Tool

If your dad has a Sport ATV or any chain-driven vehicle, do him a favor and get him a decent chain tool so he doesn’t have to take his machine to a mechanic for some basic chain maintenance. For just $30, we found a chain breaker on Amazon.com that comes with three pin sizes to fit 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm chains.

Click here for more information.

STI HD6 Radiant Wheels
Trick Wheels

Your dad probably isn’t cool anymore, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his machine to look sweet. A new set of alloy wheels can really set an ATV or UTV apart and STI Tire & Wheel newly released HD6 Radiant Wheels are a sight to behold. Available in red, pink, blue or orange, these wheels feature a clear-coat protective finish with an optional full-coverage center cap. The HD6 Radiant Wheels are backed by a lifetime structural warranty and retail for $114.70 each.

Click here for more information.

Kawasaki Sweatshirt
Branded Gear

Like truck owners, ATV and UTV owners tend to be brand loyal. If your dad falls in that group, why not hook him up with some branded gear so he can wear his colors with pride even when he’s not out riding. Anything from hats to shirts to socks to jackets, chances are you can find some branded gear. Kawasaki, in particular, has some really nice clothing options. Prices start at $10 and go up from there.

Click here for more information.

Shop Towels
Shop Towels

If you spend any time working on ATVs or UTVs (or even a car, for that matter), you could use a set of shop towels to help you clean up everything from your machine to your hands. Better than an old t-shirt and less taxing on your marriage than using the good bath towels, shop towels are inexpensive enough that you won’t feel bad about throwing one out when it gets too much grease on it. We found a 25-pack of shop towels for just $10 on Amazon.com.

Click here for more information.

QuadBoss Double Row LED Light Bar
Light Up the Night

Whether your dad uses his machine for work or play, you can extend his day with some LED lights. LED lights produce lots of bright light and are an awesome accessory to any ATV or UTV. QuadBoss has a new line of LED lights to suit any need. From three-inch pod lights to 41.5-inch light bars, they’ve got a light for every purpose and every budget. Prices start at $59.95.

Visit QuadBoss.com for more information.

Water Jet Power Washer
Power Washer

Not only to ATVs and UTVs get dirty, but they have the habit of getting things around them dirty as well. While a powered power washer would be a welcome addition to any garage, they can be expensive and take up a lot of space. Enter the Water Jet. It can’t compete with the power of a gasoline-powered washer, but it should be plenty strong enough to clean the mud off your machine and spray down your garage or driveway when you’re done. The Water Jet is only about $20 and connects directly to your garden hose.

Click here for more information.

ATD Tools Jack
ATV Jack

If you want something that can help your dad work on anything from an ATV to a motorcycle to a garden tractor, a jack is tough to beat. This ATD Tools 7461 Jack has a 1500-pound capacity and features easy foot pedal lifting and release. It boasts a lift range of 4 1/2 inches to 15 inches with locking positions at 9 5/8, 12 3/8, and 14 3/8 inches. Other features include rubber pad saddles and ratcheting tie-down straps. It is available for $121.25 on Amazon.com.

Click here for more information.

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